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Design China Beijing 2021 Design Forum Schedule


  1. A joint welcome from the Design China Beijing Forum Programme Director and our esteemed colleague and presenter, former editor in chief of AD China
  2. Stirling prize-winning architect Amanda Levete, designer of a transformational new experience of London's famous Victoria & Albert Museum, proposes a whole new way of looking at cities to incorporate nature
  3. The four partners of Duo Xiang are inspired by construction processes and have roots to Tsinghua University. Their work is a modern search for 'Chineseness'
  4. 15:15-15:30

    A unique take on the idea of 'Sustainable Beauty' - Chia Ying Lee




    The true makings of the modern Luxury Apartment



    BEAUTY IS A RESULT - Xuan Chen

    A lot of content in life can make up beauty, and beauty is a result. On this journey, there are many different interpretations and choices. As an architect and interior designer, through design, Chen Xuan maintains the regeneration and restoration of the natural system, making the space unique and attractive. This time, we will share the space created by the designer from living space, work space, human space, and commercial space, and explain that beauty is not only beauty, but also a result. Through design, beauty becomes one kind. It is the life gifted by the human being.




    To break routine it is better to be meticulous under routine.' Ryan believes that solving personal problems will solve social problems, and is dedicated to the work of improving the life of modern Chinese families through design.




    Our esteemed designers from this section discuss at high level the challenges of making beauty available for all while not only sustaining the natural world but reviving it

  5. A team of young architects drawn from influential practices round the globe come together regularly to generate discussion and exploration of the art and craft
  1. GREEN CONNECTIONS is a cross-disciplinary design leadership platform, searching for the best sustainable practices in future design




    Renee Chow
    Jun Ren
    Hung-Chih Liu
    Ning Li




    Jonathan Woetzel
    Bo Qin
    Ming Tong
    Yi Wang




    Albert Chan
    Jesper Jos Olsson
    Bo Wang
    Qianrong Zhou




    Jae Li
    Wei Yang
    Andrew Chang
    Martin Rune Hoxer

  2. Our esteemed colleagues at the distinguished fabric importer and pioneer of cross-cultural design present a collection of innovative designers whose work addresses our need for a fruitful relationship with nature



    Opening Video



    Welcome Speech



    Peihe Xie: Continuation of the nature of the moving



    Chenping Chi: Poetics of Homestead



    Gang Cao: Underpainting



    Frankie Fan: My design is controlled by algorithms

  1. An internationally educated, award winning interior designer, Jiang Tao seeks to express the intimate relationship between art and design so as to uplift the hearts and minds of her clients
  2. Dutch designer, technologist and innovator Teresa is collecting and articulating a range of materials that actively remove carbon from the air and making gthem available for practical use
  3. Exhibition Special: 'We start when you finish' say Caroline Cheng and Karl Yin, designers of the opening installation at Design China Beijing. The focus is regenerating the 9 million tons of ceramic waste produced in China each year, to make 8 different types of products
  4. Morag's work is characterised by bold and joyful colours and a warmth and compassion towards her fellow human beings who, she believes, deserve an Architecture of Happiness - through colour
  5. Architecture is a way of thinking, says Qi, who applies '2.5 Dimensional Thinking' and Systematic Approaches to generate critical studies and designs for the future.
  6. Still 'emerging' but highly influential furniture and product designer gathers together ancient Chinese craft tradtitions with modern function, materials and aesthetics
  7. Sean Affleck, Director of MAKE MAKE's urban forest, inspired by Hong Kong’s abundant ‘ficus’ trees, uses bio-technology as a positive and creative force to rekindle inhabitants’ relationship with nature
  8. We guarantee, you have never seen anything like this. Already installed at MoMA in New York, DAS's richly coloured and incredibly complex graphic images underpin a rigorous architectural sensibility
  9. Internationally famous architect Sun Dayong focuses his practice of eco-design on 'minimum effort to maximum effect'
  1. RIBA Session: Distinguished, influential and innovative architect Zhang Li, now Dean and Professor of Architecture at Tsinghua University, is also VP, THADI, Founding Partner, Atelier TeamMinus, and Editor-in-Chief, World Architecture Magazine Publications. We are delighted to welcome this important thinker to our programme
  2. A true innovator, Satyendra's work is an act of unity going beyond any binary such as high- and low-tech, industrial production and crafts, functionality and poetic significance. The practice has a worldwide reputation for diverse innovative typologies, pushing the limits of technology and materials
  3. At all scales and in all sectors, ZHA's radical imagination and experimental attitude has defined a generation of Chinese cultural and corporate Architecture, notably Beijing Daxing Airport and the ambitious Haikou Pavilions project
  4. Architects give the soul of the building, not only has become a part of the environment, but also the memory of time left in people's hearts.
  5. Lantao’s International Executive Masters in Design management, run in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano Design Institute, is the first masters course to introduce contemporary international design strategy, design management and systematic innovative thinking to Chinese designers and organisations
  6. Italian architect Mario Cucinella with his colleague Irene Giglio describe the process by which technology and nature combine to make a 3D printed earth house a thing of beauty
  7. The co-founders of We Architects Anonymous believe the architect should sit comfortably in the background without dogma or imposition; their design narratives emphasise humanity and aim to revive its 'lost languages'
  8. In the Internet age, the identity of architects has begun to change. Traditional architects are relatively passive, single, and one-way to solve problems. Under the background of the times, the social nature of architects is constantly strengthened. We need to become an active, complex, and multi-directional organizer. We hope to jump out of the scope of architectural design, use space as a carrier to empower various fields, explore and consider the possibility of urban environment improvement and rural revitalization under the current system and social development status. I will share the recent parallel design practice in both urban and rural areas, try to use architecture to respond to this era and build a truly valuable space in a specific environment, so as to bring value overflow to capital and bring demonstration samples to the government. Bring quality improvement to the countryside, heal homesickness for urban elites, and bring a new experience to end users.