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Tao Jiang

Tao Jiang

Founder of ARCN
Jiang Tao graduated from Chelsea College of Arts inLondon. After graduation she set up the Beijing ARCN Architecture & Interior Design CO.Ltd and became one of the most coveted designer in China according to the Hurun Report in 2018. She is an avid Guqin player having studied under the national level Guqin master Sun Guisheng as well as been trained by Ms Zhang Yuwen in the art of Kunqu Opera. Jiang Tao's other interests include ballet, Latin dances and western classical music. Her designs are often inspired by her love of traditional Chinese culture and other art forms Since entering the design industry, she has followed the tenet that "the design is different according to the person,the place and the mind", advocated the expression of classical culture in a modern way, and tried to integrate the most ideal spiritual realm with the real life. She specializes inusing traditional Chinese aesthetics as a conceptual guide to create a contemporary design style with an oriental flavor, that is,a style featuring traditional and modern, elegant and hot.
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