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Teresa van Dongen

Teresa van Dongen

Designer, Studio Teresa van Dongen
Teresa van Dongen (33) graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in June 2014. Nature and science had always marveled Teresa, for that reason she first studied for two years of biology at the UvA (University of Amsterdam). During these years she discovered that there are many secrets of nature that remain almost unknown and that great developments in the field of science very often don't make it outside the doors of a laboratory. Van Dongen is convinced that design can translate this potential and hereby play an important role as a catalysts for change. She calls herself a bio-designer and is fascinated by alternative forms of energy and light and material innovation. From an artistic level she admires the qualities of glass and the physics of movement. With her designs she seeks interaction with the viewer and hopes to spark a conversation. Van Dongen’s work is and was published, awarded and exhibited internationally.
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