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TALENTS originates from Design Shanghai, curated by designer Frank Chou, and was first launched in 2020. In order to better help young designers grow and gradually improve the design ecology in China, TALENTS focuses on the localization of Chinese design, upholds the brand value of people-oriented design, focuses on people through design, discovers potential young designers, and gives them professional career guidance.

TALENTS 2024 Theme

The theme of TALENTS 2024 will be "THE QUEST FOR THE QUESTION." Driven by creativity, designers are challenged to set their sights on discovering and solving problems. They also need to recognize whether the identified problems have practical value: can solving these problems lead to actual improvements and innovations? Is the investment of manpower and resources reasonable and feasible? etc. These are questions that designers must carefully consider and balance. In the pursuit of creativity, they need to maintain a rational perspective and decision-making ability.

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  • The selection mechanism of Talents and the review process feels like a return to the criticism process we enjoyed in college, and is a good bridge allow new designers like us to develop and become more mature in our design approach.
    Gong Zihe
    Co-founder of Mohno Studio
  • We came to Suzhou very recently in November (2020) only, what we’re looking at now is why we chose to participate in TALENTS show because it's our first introduction to the Chinese design scene and we thought TALENTS would be an excellent choice.
    Namuun Zimmermann & Martijn Rigters
    Founders of Studio Sain
  • I participated in Design Shanghai last year, I connected with other TALENTS very well.
    Doris Wang
    Founder of Dorisofia Studio

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Contact us now to become part of TALENTS 2024!

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +86 18601044945
  • WeChat: Anita_lyncheng