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Leading Platform for Design Thought Leadership

Design Shenzhen 2024 converges forward-looking perspectives, aiming to become a platform that empowers the design industry in the Greater Bay Area and globally. We revolve around the theme of "The Fusion of Design and Technology", inviting designers and creative leaders from around the world to exchange ideas, inspire thoughts, and connect leading trends with emerging forces in the industry. It aims to spearhead the exchange and development of the design field along with exceptional innovation.

The "IDEA STAGE" nestles within the buzzing Idea Box Feature zone. Here, designers will not only share their awe-inspiring insights but also co-create the next wave of design innovation.



Main Forum

Design Shenzhen 2024 Main Forum is thrilled to welcome design luminaries to grace the stage. With a deep dive into the realms of AI technology, Interior Design, Architecture Design, and Commercial Design, the event is poised to create a unique platform for unparalleled design dialogue and resource exchange within the dynamic landscape of the Greater Bay Area.

Featuring an impressive lineup of industry stalwarts including Marcel Wanders, Leon Krykhtin, Martha Tsigkari, Tim Fu, Ila Colombo, Satoshi Ohashi, and numerous others, the forum promises to spark inspiration, foster innovation, and ignite transformative collaborations.

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Idea Stage

As a curated feature by Jerry Huang, IDEA BOX takes inspiration from the concept of "Box" and centers around the theme of "Lifestyle." Its objective is to establish a holistic ecosystem focused on object design, bridging high-quality channels domestically and internationally to support brands' continuous growth in the commercial realm.

In Design Shenzhen 2024, IDEA BOX introduces the "IDEA STAGE" area, providing a platform for designers to exchange inspiration and insights.


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