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Lianna Jia

Lianna Jia

Founding Partner of Duoxiang Studio, Founder of Atelier JIA
JIA Lianna, 1978 Born in Tianshui, Gansu Province. 1995-2003 Studied at School of Architecture, Tsinghua University in Beijing, and completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Studied under Wang Lu. 2003-2006 Worked as the principal architect at Atelier FCJZ. Studied under Zhang Yonghe. 2006 Co-founded Duoxiang Studio with Chen Long, Hu Xian and Lu Xiang. Duoxiang Studio, founded in October 2006, Beijing. The four partners are Chen Long, Hu Xian, Jia Lianna and Lu Xiang(in alphabetical order by surname). “Duoxiang” implies multiple states in one’s life and multiple positions on the same thing. Duoxiang Studio practices in a simplistic way. Each project is a seed, with its own living conditions and will, so instead of setting a growth trajectory, the firm opens itself to discover the potential in each project and look for that particular and appropriate solution. Duoxiang Studio focuses on people, specific people, and cares about people’s basic needs, people’s life as well as people’s relationship with nature (environment). The studio designs from the user’s perspective and sees design as a process of codiscovery. Rather than creating a form, the studio would like to create a place by heart.
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