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In the Internet age, the identity of architects has begun to change. Traditional architects are relatively passive, single, and one-way to solve problems. Under the background of the times, the social nature of architects is constantly strengthened. We need to become an active, complex, and multi-directional organizer. We hope to jump out of the scope of architectural design, use space as a carrier to empower various fields, explore and consider the possibility of urban environment improvement and rural revitalization under the current system and social development status. I will share the recent parallel design practice in both urban and rural areas, try to use architecture to respond to this era and build a truly valuable space in a specific environment, so as to bring value overflow to capital and bring demonstration samples to the government. Bring quality improvement to the countryside, heal homesickness for urban elites, and bring a new experience to end users.

Fanhao Meng, Co-Founder & Chief Architect of line+


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