Design China Beijing 2021 Design Forum Schedule




Design is an act of artistic creation centering on the established goals and concepts. The implantation of plastic elements such as values and methodology influences the expected presentation of design. The changes of time, space and demand require design thinking to constantly change to solve the contradictions. From the basic form and function to the in-depth tonality and field, and then to the deeper natural meaning and spiritual temperament, the superposition of plastic thinking in design has become the inevitable requirement in the creation. Engineering elements, cost elements, economic elements, functional elements, aesthetic pursuit; the control of each design factor makes the design present different results. Wise people never follow the rules, but they can always find the law of success. The fine control of design plasticity variable is the ruler of the designer's ability. At the same time, we also need the social significance brought by design plasticity. From the thinking of sustainable development to the implantation of the concept of circulation and even to the conception of ecological restoration, design is not only a creative work, but also has the responsibility and significance for urban development, social framework and natural restoration.
Dayong Sun, Founder of Penda China


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