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Design Shanghai 2024 Workplace Conference Schedule


  1. The world is experiencing a crisis of hope, especially among young people. Some statistics.

    • The difference between Hope and, say, optimism or wishful thinking.

    • The science of Hope. What we are learning from neuroscience

    • Some practical steps to design for Hope, in ourselves and others

  2. 1. Innovation-driven work environments: Examples of how workplace design can meet individual needs while promoting teamwork, inspiration and creativity. These integrated “work-live-play” amenities transform office space into an incubator for innovation.

    2. Sustainable Space Design: Focusing on sustainability, flexibility and foresight of office space, emphasizing the core position of green ecology in the future office environment.

    3. Community Shaping and Microcities: Combined with a large-scale urban renewal landmark project that has lasted for more than 30 years, the project analyzes and introduces how to build a vibrant and humanistic city within a city in the center of the city.

  3. The future-ready office is unmistakably people-centric, meticulously designed to prioritise the needs, comfort, and productivity of its occupants.

    1. Future-ready workplace design will prioritise collaboration and connection, fostering environments that encourage teamwork and foster a sense of community among employees.

    2. A key aspect of future workplace design is the integration of flexibility and adaptability. This approach ensures that spaces are not only designed to accommodate various work styles but also to evolve with the changing needs of the workforce, thereby promoting agility and productivity.

    3. Emphasising well-being and health, future workplace designs will integrate features that support physical, mental, and emotional wellness, promoting employee satisfaction and overall organisational success.

  4. • Fostering a joy-provoking workplace is crucial for sustainably boosting morale

    • Designing a joy-provoking workplace in three dimensions to elevate morale

    • Leveraging digital transformation to comprehensively enhance morale and support sustainable business growth

  5. What happens if you multiply Trust times true-empowerment? Empowering is encouraging the people to u ...
  6. Exploring how to create an efficient, comfortable and inspiring office of the future for employees t ...
  7. 1. Your feelings affect your performance, and there is a positive correlation between people's satisfaction and dedication to the office environment

    2. Organizational needs and user needs complementary and are equally important

    3. Furniture applications in office environments should balance emotional needs while meeting work patterns and behavioral patterns

  8. 1. Flexible and multifunctional office spaces to meet diverse business needs.

    2. A reassuring, healthy, and sustainable product range that creates a sense of belonging in office life.

    3. Professional design, cost-effective products, and personalized one-on-one services to support the growth of small and micro enterprises.

  9. FTA continues to focus on how workplaces can empower businesses. We believe that a place that stimul ...
  10. The main explanation focuses on the value and application of KNX IoT technology, including how to em ...
  11. 1. Social Background & The Importance of ESG

    2. The Relationship Between Well & ESG

    3. Design Idea of Intelligent and Healthy Space:Residential, Office, Hotel

  12. 1. Why the low-carbon health of buildings need sensor iot technology to support;

    2. How sensor iot technology enables low-carbon health in buildings;

    3. Application cases and trends