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Design Shanghai 2024 Workplace Conference Schedule



The Boundless and Defined - the Future Office of Full-time Experience

At present, the spatial boundaries of human behavior and activities are constantly being breached, the entropy of the entire world is constantly increasing, and cities are becoming more like organic living bodies, exhibiting greater intensity and diversity. Office buildings have also emerged as a more significant component of the living environment, and offices are no longer merely spaces to accommodate office activities; they also provide a 24-hour human settlement experience. As a design agency specializing in human settlement projects, GOA (Group of Architects) practices design in large office headquarters, parks, and complex projects such as OōEli, Zhesheng Bank Headquarters, Greentown Headquarters scheme design, and Jiangbei Financial Center (bid proposal). GOA breaks and flips boundaries from the perspective of human settlement experience, considering technology, energy saving, and artificial intelligence from a human-centric perspective. It aims to foster more interaction between people and nature, adopting a spiral way of thinking that starts from the micro level, extends to the overall system, and then returns to the micro level, to propose better solutions for office habitats and achieve a genuine "sense of belonging" in offices.
Qilin Zhang, Principal, GOA (Group of Architects)



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