• James Wei Ke

    James Wei Ke

    Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus
  • Hong Ko

    Hong Ko

    Partner of KL&K Design
  • Frank Krüger

    Frank Krüger

    Creative Director & Partner of logon.design
  • Leonid Krykhtin

    Leonid Krykhtin

    Founder, Design Director of LKDN
  • Botta Lai

    Botta Lai

    Founder & Design Director of Scale Art Design Co. Ltd
  • Jay Lee

    Jay Lee

    Founder and Creative Director of MOD Service Design
  • Chia Ying Lee

    Chia Ying Lee

    Kohler Global Design Studio
  • Evans Lee

    Evans Lee

    Design Director of Evans Lee DESIGN
  • Wing Leung

    Wing Leung

    Director of M Moser Associates
  • Amanda Levete

    Amanda Levete

    Principal of AL_A
  • Maurice Li

    Maurice Li

    Collective Contemporist
  • Jae Li

    Jae Li

    Instigator and Chief Curator of Green Connections, Expert in Sustainable Design Innovation and Sensory Experience Design
  • Han Li

    Han Li

    Principal of Drawing Architecture Studio, Class 1 Registered Architect in China
  • Bo Li

    Bo Li

    Founder & Chief Designer of ShenZhen Cimax Design Company Limited
  • Ning Li

    Ning Li

    Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Department of Architecture, Deputy Director of the Institute of Architecture, Beijing University of Technology
  • Leo Li

    Leo Li

    Managing Partner of HBA
  • Bo Li

    Bo Li

    Founder & Chief Designer of ShenZhen Cimax Design Company Limited
  • Wenqiang Li

    Wenqiang Li

    Founder of PIG Design
  • Jie Li

    Jie Li

    Founder & Chief Architect of Challenge Design
  • Rocky Liang

    Rocky Liang

    Director of Cultural Power Institute, Cultural Power Institute
  • Jing Liang

    Jing Liang

    Associate Director of Communications, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
  • J.K Lien

    J.K Lien

    Design Director of Daguan Design Association
  • Sau Hong Lim

    Sau Hong Lim

    Head of Segment Consumer, Greater China and Growth Market, Division Digital Products, Signify
  • Kris Lin

    Kris Lin

    International Design Founder / Design Director of KLID
  • Ruby Lin

    Ruby Lin

    WGSN Trend Specialist
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