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Materials First




"Materials First," curated by materials expert Chris Lefteri, utilizes cardboard to shape horizontal and vertical planes, aiming to place materials at the core of the creative process. Simultaneously, it embodies the concept of circular design. This initiative collaborates with numerous exhibitors from Design Shanghai, transforming easily disassembled structural installations into transport props after the exhibition. It seamlessly combines cutting-edge materials, sustainable design, aesthetics, and functionality.

2023 Highlights


2023 Materials Highlights



  • Renewable PA11 yarn

  • Q-Nova recycled PA6.6 textile yarn

  • Rilsan bio-based PA11 resin


  • Revive 1 recycled PET fabric

  • Rivet recycled PET fabric

  • PlastiLoop recycled PET resin


  • Recycled expanded PP foam

  • Circo recycled PP resin

  • Softell PP elastomer


  • Elastollan® TPU leather

  • Infinergy® expanded TPU foam

  • Desmopan® TPU leather


  • Haptex® 


  • Bandoxaldecor

  • Aluminium sheet                                    

  • Texturandum®


Bio-based bio-composite

  • Pure Mano soft touch recycled paper

  • BioBasedTiles made with bacterial growth

  • Cork composite sheets and blocks

  • Lifocork cork composite resin

  • Kollamat recycled leather fibre composite

  • Latigea PLA resin and wood fibre composite

Bio-based virgin biomass

  • PLEXIGLAS® proTerra 8N partially renewable PMMA resin

  • Makrolon RE partially renewable PC resin

  • Treva bio-based plastic resin

Bio-based waste biomass

  • Gmund Bier, Cotton and Heidi mixed fibre recycled paper

  • Seagrass carpet

  • Notpla Paper made with seaweed

  • Pluumo packaging insulation made with waste feathers


  • SUVO volcanic pumice Vase


  • Green Applelec LED light sheet

  • Recycled PMMA 

  • Waste Yarn Recycled Decorative Panel

  • Waste Yarn Recycled Material"

  • Recycled Paper Fiber Board"

  • Mycelium Sound Absorption Panel

  • Carbon Capture Brick

  • Floral Grass Panel

  • Zero Carbon Brick 

  • Bio-based Paint

  • Recycled Carpet

  • Bacteria Brick

  • Mycelium Light Fixture

  • Mycelium Standard Box

  • Mycelium Urn (or Ash Box)

  • Bamboo Fiber Board

  • Carbonized Coffee Ground Panel

  • Fiber-plastic Flooring

  • Low Carbon Gypsum

  • Ceramic Recycled Permeable Brick

  • Hemp Concrete

  • Photocatalytic Wall Panel

  • hase Change Materials

  • Coffee Ground Brick

  • Fly Ash Recycled Glass Brick

  • Sludge Solid Waste Recycled Glass