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neooold curated by designer Chen Min, features "Art·Extension" as the theme for 2024. The significance of extending craftsmanship has consistently been one of neooold's dedicated development directions. The exhibition design, presented by the architectural firm line+ under the direction of architect Meng Fanhao, extracts the cultural symbol of the bracket arch, a traditional architectural element, to construct a precise and melodious space.

During the exhibition, works by artists and craftsmen from both domestic and international realms, including Alao Bakker, Makoto Suetomi, and Hans Tan, will be showcased. Encompassing ceramics, metalworking, weaving, lacquer, and other traditional crafts, these devoted works converge the origins of modern art with the deep roots of traditional craftsmanship.

The exhibition is not only a showcase of artistic endeavors but also a collection of legendary stories surrounding the inheritance and development of traditional crafts.

For Stand Enquiries, please contact Angela Xue:

2024 Theme:  "Art · Extension"

Stand Design Evolved from the Cultural Symbol of "Dou Gong"




Curator and 2024 Invited Architect & Masters

Min Chen

Min Chen

Industrial Designer, Founder of Chen Min Design Studio, Founder, Curator of neooold
Fanhao Meng

Fanhao Meng

Design Principal of line+, neooold special invited architect
Aldo Bakker

Aldo Bakker

neooold special invited master
Masataka Hosoo

Masataka Hosoo

neooold special invited master

2024 Participating Designers and Brands


  • Aldo Bakker
  • Min Chen
  • Masataka Hosoo
  • Fanhao Meng
  • Hans Tan


  • Chengyanqizuo
  • Chiju
  • Chujiao
  • Fengfengfeng
  • GUJI 
  • Jishangjihe
  • Natalie Song
  • YQ Lacquer
  • Zhezhi
  • ……

2023 Highlights

When martial arts movies and TV dramas were popular, everyone had a dream of the Jianghu. In Chen Min's dream, the Jianghu should have bamboo and wind, with layers of curtains hiding wine and treasures, and sword shadows blurring secrets. From June 8-11, 2023, the 10th Design Shanghai will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, where Chinese industrial designer, founder of Chen Min Office and curator of neooold, Chen Min, has invited famous architect, Chen Hao Ru, to create an exhibition space with the theme of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Forest". The exhibition space was created with a bamboo forest and a winding path to recreate the Jianghu dream. How to create a quiet space in the bustling metropolis? The designers adopted a "回" exhibition space design, using three layers of bamboo walls to enclose and divide the neooold exhibition space, creating a "vortex" inside the calm space. The curved exhibition route is designed to lead visitors deep into the bamboo forest. Several yellow bamboos stand proudly in their own place, topped with flexible and slender bamboo pieces, imitating the real bamboo forest's open and leafy form. The curtain between the bamboo and the bamboo is thin and light-transmitting, in which the exhibits are displayed, creating a visual effect of looking into the fog: From the outside to the inside, the curtain is covered and full of imagination; From the inside to the outside, the curtain is impermeable and one can only sit and watch the sky. It likes the "walled city" of Jianghu, where outsiders and incomers, each playing their own game, have their own sorrows and joys, as well as their own destinies.



2023 neooold Participating Designers