• Simone Chen

    Simone Chen

    Senior Media Professional in Creative and Design Industry, Editor-in-Chief of IDEAT, Founder of Vestibule Consulting
  • Min Chen

    Min Chen

    Industrial Designer, Chen Min Office
  • Min Chen

    Min Chen

    Industrial Designer, Chen Min Office
  • Simone Chen

    Simone Chen

    Chief Editor of IDEAT, IDEAT
  • Xuan Chen

    Xuan Chen

    PhD of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, Executive Director, SHISHANG Architecture
  • Grace Chen

    Grace Chen

    Marketing Manager of ABET LAMINATI China
  • Aric Chen

    Aric Chen

    Curatorial Director of Design Miami, Design Miami
  • Min Chen

    Min Chen

    Industrial Designer, Chen Min Office
  • Min Chen

    Min Chen

  • Furong Chen

    Furong Chen

  • Yanchun Cheng

    Yanchun Cheng

    Co-founder and Principal Architect of CPLUS
  • Caroline Cheng

    Caroline Cheng

    Artist and Curator, Owner of Pottery Workshop, Co-founder of Yi Design
  • Jingjie Cheng

    Jingjie Cheng

    Design Director of WeWork China, WeWork China
  • Chenping Chi

    Chenping Chi

    Founder and Creative Director of OTL, Co-founder of Hangzhou Young Designers Association
  • Frank Chou

    Frank Chou

    Founder & Creative Director of Frank Chou Design Studio, Frank Chou Design Studio
  • Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou

    Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou

    Founder / Creative Director of Vermilion Zhou Design Group
  • Renee Y. Chow

    Renee Y. Chow

    Acting Dean; Chair, Department of Architecture, Professor, Architecture And Urban Design, Executive Dean, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design
  • Ray Chuang

    Ray Chuang

    VP & Design Director of CCD, CCD
  • Aldo Cibic

    Aldo Cibic

    Famous Italian Architect, A founding member of Memphis
  • Mario Cucinella

    Mario Cucinella

    Founder and Creative Director of Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Richard Cuntz

    Richard Cuntz

    Consul Economic Affairs – Head of Science & Technology Affairs of the German Consulate General Shanghai
  • Nada Debs

    Nada Debs

    Lebanese Designer, Nada Debs
  • Alice Deng

    Alice Deng

    Founder & Creative Director of C&C Yi Zhi Design Group, C&C Yi Zhi Design Group
  • Honghao Deng

    Honghao Deng

    Founder and CEO of Butlr
  • Jackie Ding

    Jackie Ding

    WGSN Trend Specialist
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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