• Yue Zhang

    Yue Zhang

    Associate Partner & General Manager of AS+P
  • Di Zhang

    Di Zhang

    Principal and Founder of waa, ARB/RIBA
  • Can Zhang

    Can Zhang

    Founder and Creative Director of CSD.DESIGN, Senior Interior Architect
  • Zhekai Zhang

    Zhekai Zhang

    Owner of Studio KAE
  • Yabin Zhang

    Yabin Zhang

    Co-founder of Chaos Programme
  • Can Zhang

    Can Zhang

    Creative Director & Founder of CSD Architectural& Decoration Design Co. Ltd, CSD Architectural& Decoration Design Co. Ltd
  • Tiffany Zhang

    Tiffany Zhang

    WGSN Trend Specialist
  • Eric Zhang

    Eric Zhang

    General Manager of Schüller Kitchen China
  • Tim Zhang

    Tim Zhang

    Founder of Funconnection Design
  • Li Zhang

    Li Zhang

    Dean / Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Vice Principal of THADI, Tsinghua University; Founding Partner of Atelier TeamMinus; Standing Board Member of the Architectural Society of China, Alternate Council Member of UIA; Editor-in-Chief of
  • Junjie Zhang

    Junjie Zhang

    Product researcher & Designer of SOZEN Design Group, SOZEN Design Group
  • Lei Zhang

    Lei Zhang

    Designer & Tradition Handcraft Researcher & Founder of Rong Design Library, Rong Design Library
  • Zhuoran Zhao

    Zhuoran Zhao

    EMBT China Project Director
  • Yu (Scott) Zhao

    Yu (Scott) Zhao

    Head of Audi Innovation Research, Audi China
  • Jie (Jay) Zhao

    Jie (Jay) Zhao

    Head of Delos Labs, Executive Vice President of Delos
  • Gary Zhao

    Gary Zhao

    Business Development Director of BRE China
  • Mianmian Zheng

    Mianmian Zheng

    Trend Director of WGSN, WGSN China
  • Qianrong Zhou

    Qianrong Zhou

    Head of Quality Control, Design Director of Meizhou Division, Vanke
  • David Zhou

    David Zhou

    Founder & Design Director of Young H Design, Young H Design
  • You Zhou

    You Zhou

    Founder & CEO of Update Studio
  • Xianjia Zhu

    Xianjia Zhu

    Representative of Yoshiki Toda Landscape & Architect Co.,Ltd. China
  • Shirley Zhu

    Shirley Zhu

    The Founder of BE DESIGN
  • Ziyu Zhuang

    Ziyu Zhuang

    Partner and chief architect of RSAA GmBH, RSAA GmbH
  • Ziyu Zhuang

    Ziyu Zhuang

    Principal Architect of RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang
  • Wenliang Zhuang

    Wenliang Zhuang

    Director of Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP)
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