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Design Shanghai 2024 CMF Conference Schedule - Ticket Required


  1. 1. Respect of the Planet = Sustainability

    2. Research and Development = Design

    3. Stay Original = Identity of the Brand 

  2. 1. Brief introduction of the studio's works around CMF;

    2. The impact of CMF on design practice;

    3. Research methods of the studio on CMF.

  3. 1. Color: Returning to the Original Value of Design

    2. Atmosphere Aesthetics of Color

    3. How Color Shapes Space Atmosphere

  4. 1. Introduce advanced circular materials, and how to use them for industrial products?

    2. How to understand and utilize cirular design concept for industrial design?

    3. How to express "circular" through CMF design? And how to let end-users feel the value of sustainable materials via design? Maybe you also meet with these questions in industrial design.

    Covestro Global Color & Design team collaborates with academia and design agencies to seek materials and design solutions for "circular design".

  5. Share how OPPO uses colour art to express ""youth"" and ""vitality"", and how OPPO's CMF design takes young people's needs and aesthetic tendencies as its starting point.
    The three aspects of OPPO's CMF design are colour, material and surface texture treatment.
  6. The presentation "From Silent Simplicity to Vibrant Maximalism: Our Home as a Mirror of the Soul"explores how the trends of Simplicity and Maximalism are implemented in modern living spaces. CMF (Color, Material, Finish) plays a central role in realizing both simple and bold design concepts. The presentation highlights how natural materials and matte finishes convey calmness and craftsmanship, while shiny, colorful elements express courage and creativity. It demonstrates how decors support these trends and how to balance simplicity and maximalism. The goal is to create inspiring living spaces that promote individuality and personal expression.

    1. CMF in Design: The importance of color, material, and finish in aesthetic and functional home design.

    2. Simplicity: Using natural, sustainable materials and handcrafted elements for tranquility and simplicity.

    3. Maximalism: Utilizing bold colors, shiny surfaces, and diverse textures to encourage creativity and joy.

  7. We introduce traditional Japanese aesthetics and hospitality through eco-friendly products, including those that have won international awards like the Design Award. These products, enriched with both tradition and design, will provide inspiration for your space proposals.

    1. Japanese traditional aesthetics express the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

    2. Products are developed with a focus on environmental friendliness.

    3. Features of products that have won international design awards.

  8. 1. The consumption characteristics of the present society.

    2. The influence of Chinese culture, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism on the consumer group.

    3. Case analysis: How to integrate Chinese elements to attract consumers.

  9. 1. Human-Centric Material Forms

    2. How Technological Fabrics Collaborate with Designers in Creation

    3. The Tranquil Space Encompassed by Sustainable Materials

  10. 1. In the post-epidemic era, the relationship between Asia's creative community and international trends shows a synchronization of values and ideologies, as well as the emergence of regionality and individuality.

    2. Japanese minimal design style has emerged in new forms expression, while a new wave of innovation in traditional crafts, are closely linked to technology innovations.

    3. Asian countries has shown a reflection on regional terroir and traditions, with the emergence of individuality-rich color and material characteristics.

  11. In 2021, Nothing, as a relatively unknown brand, made a bold entry into the fiercely competitive smart hardware industry with its highly stylized exterior design, attracting attention across various sectors while also sparking a significant amount of skepticism and curiosity. As a newcomer in the industry, why did Nothing choose to enter the highly saturated and challenging smartphone market? How was the unique design style of its already launched products defined and selected? As an emerging brand, how does Nothing plan to drive industry transformation through design innovation? Design Shanghai provided Nothing with an opportunity to introduce itself as a "transparent" player in the industry and showcase its innovative approach.
  12. 1. New generation luxury car exterior body color design

    2. New generation luxury car interior materials design

    3. Sustainable materials design details

  13. 1. Cultural Differences Between East and West

    2. The Relationship Between Color and Emotion

    3. How to Encourage Impulsive Buying Through Design

    4. How to Reduce Cognitive Load Through Design

  14. 1. The market landscape has shifted significantly, presenting the realm of brand design (both international and local brands) with formidable challenges;

    2. Rethink- The tumult of the market and the contradiction inherent in revitalizing local brands;

    3. Future Assumption - The role of design moving forward: What actions should be taken, and how should they be executed?