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Kate Zhong

Kate Zhong

Color Trim Design China Section Leader, Mercedes-Benz Group. LTD
“Design is a feeling, a state of mind, a comfortable and happy way of life.”
I work for Car industry color trim design field more than 16 years.
Luckly, I grow up with the car industry developing in China market.
Dig in this market. Care the customer’s needs. Seek the future trend. Deep involve the changing of the car industry. Dialog with global design team, bring the most high-quality luxury cars to Chinese customers.

I am the color trim leader of Mercedes-Benz China color trim team.
I responsible for the color trim topics both Mercedes-Benz and smart Brand in China.
Sensual purity is the most important design guild for Mercedes-Benz products.
We created the desires; we created the most beautiful cars in the world.
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