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Cole Chen

Cole Chen

Design Manager, Standex Engraving Mold-tech
Cole Chen, the design manager of Standex engraving mold-tech, the world's largest texture industry group, is also the founder of the octaphilosophy in texture design. With a wealth of professional background and experience, he is dedicated to providing customers with highly professional and creative texture design services. In China, he has developed interior textures for numerous leading OEMs. From initial design to final implementation, every detail reflects his unwavering commitment to quality and pursuit of beauty. Prior to joining Standex, Cole worked in the marketing department of L-fashion Group - Europe's largest clothing brand - where he gained a deep understanding of market demand and successfully merged fashion with art, injecting new vitality into the brand. Furthermore, his tenure at McCann 4A advertising agency allowed him to accumulate extensive experience in visual design for consumer products while gaining profound insights into market trends and potential consumer needs. Cole Chen's octaphilosophy in texture design stems from his keen insight into emerging trends and innovative thinking. Through his unique interpretation of textures, he brings endless possibilities to customers' products. The Octaphilosophy of texture from my keen insight into design trends and innovative thinking. Through the unique interpretation of texture, I bring endless possibilities to customers' products.
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