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Design Shanghai 2024 CMF Conference Schedule - Free


  1. Taking metal casting and glass casting as examples, we will try and explore casting in design from t ...
  2. Sustainable casting refers to the adoption of sustainable development principles and environmentally ...
  3. The design engineering profession is in its infancy. The design engineer is a profession that bridges design and engineering, and combines creation and manufacturing.

    The design engineer is the person who is in charge of designing and manufacturing.

    In order to achieve a design that combines creativity and history, we have developed a unique auto-generating program that interprets ancient Chinese patterns in a modern way. The result is a facade with nearly infinite creative patterns and three-dimensional transparency.

    The product was designed to develop the auspicious pattern into a three-dimensional tile using an original program. We designed tiles with three-dimensional shades and patterns that cannot be experienced with conventional flat tiles, and that give a sense of the creativity and potential of new ceramic tiles.

  4. Taking metal casting and glass casting as examples, we will try and explore casting in design from the finishing point of view.
  5. Traditional casting usually revolves around fixed materials, molds, and procedures, but casting is n ...
  6. 1. Tuntex’s interpretation of the CMF design 

    2. How LuxCushion™ achieves the CMF design 

    3. How LuxCushion™ brings new possibilities to the flooring industry and clients

  7. 1. Exhibit creative designs that play with "magnetic attraction"

    2. Why magnetic materials tech have become the favorite of "recyclable and sustainable" brands;

    3. The infinite future brought by magnetic materials tech for design;



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