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Design Shanghai 2024 CMF Conference Schedule - Free



Casting as Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable casting refers to the adoption of sustainable development principles and environmentally friendly methods in the casting process, aiming to reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce energy consumption and emissions, and minimize the negative impact on the environment.
Dandan Chen, Project Manager, m-seen
Jingyi Lu, Design Partner of PINWU Design Studio; Deputy Director, Research Director of Róng Design Library
Yatu Tan, Manager, Nongzao Project
Jiyi Yu, Tikiiti, PHA editable brick, MakingPark
Yanhui Xu, Artist educator, Qingzhou Design
Keren Wang, co-founder, studio KAE
Zhekai Zhang, Founder, Studio KAE; Product Design Teacher, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts



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