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Design Shenzhen 2021 Design Forum Schedule


  1. A joint welcome from the Design Shenzhen Forum Programme Director and our esteemed colleague and presenter, CEO and chief-editor of LIFENESS
  2. One of Shenzhen's leading designers, chair of the Shenzhen Association of Interior Design and the Director of Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design, Kot Ge's philosophy is driven by absolute honesty
  3. Design Shenzhen is proud to welcome this globally renowned Japanese architect, creator of some of the area's most spectacular schemes including the proposal for a monumental floating tower, Qianhai's New City Center Landmark, and one of the Haikou Pavilions
  4. Shi Xiaoxi of 2-LA Design carries the torch to China for one of the oldest and most respected Deign Award schemes in the World. Since 1958, The Good Design Award from Japan has led the way. Now it comes to China
  5. Truly an international cultural giant, artist-designer-philosopher Pesce's work extends across generations and genres and always confound expectations. We welcome him on the occasion of his first retrospective exhibition in China
  6. We are grateful to our esteemed sponsor PPG, global manufacturer of high-tech surface treatments and coatings, for their support for the Design Shenzhen Forum.

    David Bem & Li Luan

    Steven Smit

    Ben Wu

    Joe Cheng & Ken Hu

  7. One of our esteemed design collaborators on the Future Home feature introduces an art conversation
  8. What Is It That Makes Today's Design So Different, So Appealing? As a Feature sector, ‘Beijing Contemporary @ Design Shenzhen’ takes on the tendency that contemporary art and design have been merging and intercommunicating. Invited art collectors and designers in this panel will discuss the inspiration, change and breakthrough that visual art can bring to the design industry
  1. A powerful combination of traditional Eastern aesthetic principles with a commitment to the abiding quality of craftsmanship: 'Use it to act, abandon it to hide'
  2. Inspired by the density of cities such as Hong Kong, Atelier Global's international reputation is based on exploration of the dialogue between urban space and the buidlings and people that make it
  3. Design Shenzhen proudly welcomes Prof. Ratti, whose engagement with Shenzhen includes his co-curatorship of the city's 2019 Biennnale of Architecture and Urbanism. Prof. Ratti is known throughout the world for his radical and innovative ideas on the city of the future, and will talk about the Jian Mu Tower, the studio's 'hydroponic farmscraper', and the astonishing 'Hot Heart' decarbonised thermal energy system for Helsinki
  4. WGSN'S Director of Strategy & Channels for China, a man with several degrees in architecture and fine art, explores the interdependence of nature and technology in fashion, art, furniture, and home décor
  5. One of the world's most important architectural studios comes to Shenzhen in the person of Pritzker Prize-winner Tadao Ando's Chinese partner Ma Weidong. 'The real importance of architecture is its ability to move people’s hearts deeply,’ Ando says. ‘I am always trying to establish spaces where people can gather and interact with one another.’
  6. At all scales and in all sectors, ZHA's radical imagination and experimental attitude has marked a generation of Chinese cultural and corporate architecture in Shenzhen, in particular the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum, the extraordinary Tower C skyscraper, and the ambitious Haikou Pavilions project
  7. Multi-award winning hybrid German-Chinese consultancy AS+P arrived in China 20 years ago and has been committed to creating models of sustainable urban development ever since
  8. With a background in entertainment architecture - from gigantic sets for Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones concerts to the world famous London Eye - Steven Chilton's profound aesthetic sense combines with advanced engineering and digital technolgies to create cultural destinations of breathaking beauty
  9. We are delighted to welcome Dezeen as partner, the world's biggest design website – whose international award scheme demonstrates just what a global for for design China has become
  1. The Chinese garden is one of the prototype poetic spaces, says Hu. The Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty (环秀山庄)is universally acknowledged as a treasure in the history of Chinese gardening. I want to express the relationship of the Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty, so that visitors can use their body to perceive the charm of the composition
  2. Benjamin Hubert's Layer represents the 'new' digital design agancy, perfectly appropriate for Shenzhen.'We create products,' he says, 'that will help define the way we live, work, travel and communicate in the future, from smart wearables and furniture systems, to the next generation of AI and communication tools.'
  3. Echo Tian of HDA Lighting design consultants has moved from commercial applications to public space, cultural and medical environments. She is currently focused on studying the seamless combination of light and shadow, space and art
  4. Ennead, with radically innovative projects all over the world and especially in China, concerns itself with the nature of public space and how technology can serve a sense of community. The practice's immersive installation 'Tech-Firmament' was a centrepiece of the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in 2019, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum opened in August, and plans for the Shenzhen International Performace Centre are going forward
  5. An exploration of the way we will live in cities driven on one hand by technology and on the other by the need to engage with nature
  6. A breathtaking selection of international award-winning architectural stars convenes to discuss the 2021 International Prize
  1. Using simple and plain materials and with a background in fine art, Xie Ke attaches great importance to the narrative of space and to people's emotional needs. Respecting local culture and combining traditional technology with contemporary aesthetics, hecreates an Oriental humanistic aesthetic space in a global context.
  2. … And from the other side of the world, consultants from groundbreaking multi-disciplinary practice RIOS explore how Urban renovation and adaptive re-use, married with technology and innovation, cuts carbon emissions but preserves communal memory
  3. With an enviable background in some of the world's most highly reputed practices, Leon Krykhtin has made huge contributions to China's architectural cultural landscape by pushing the technological bnoundaries of design
  4. DOGA is a driving force for sustainable value creation through design and architecture, facilitating collaboration between creative talents and businesses to strengthen the role of design in shaping the Norway of tomorrow
  5. David Hugh specially planned WellConnect, a science and humanities unit, and was fortunate to invite Dr. Zhao Jie to share cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, design and innovation results in architectural science, computer science, interaction design and psychology, and introduce how to apply science to understand the needs of people in architecture. Achieve the goal of improving human settlements and promoting physical and mental health
  6. A PECHA KUCHA© EXPLORATION OF NATURE & TECHNOLOGY A team of young architects drawn from influential practices round the globe come together regularly to generate discussion and exploration of the art and craft