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Innovation Workshop Schedule



MEFine: Dialogue with Future - Resonance with Construction

Presentation - Xiaobai Bai, Chunyan Cai, Lingjie Wang, Manfred Yuen, Fiona Bao, Ethan Yao, Shaoyin Tian, Tim Zhang, Evans Lee, You Zhou, Ke Pu Dialogue with Future - Resonance with Construction - Fiona Bao, Shaoyin Tian, Ethan Yao, You Zhou, Mengjie Liu, Yifan Wu, Lingjie Wang
Xiaobai Bai, Founder of MEFine
Chunyan Cai, Founder of atelier tao+c
Lingjie Wang, Artist
Fiona Bao, Co-founder of Groundwork
Ethan Yao, Director, Head of Design Management Shanghai & Innovation Department East China, China Resources Land
Shaoyin Tian, Founder & Principal Architect
Tim Zhang, Founder of Funconnection Design
Evans Lee, Design Director of Evans Lee DESIGN
You Zhou, Founder & CEO of Update Studio
Ke Pu, General Manager of JUNG China
Mengjie Liu, Co-founder of Sò Studio
Yifan Wu, Co-founder of Sò Studio