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Innovation Workshop Schedule



CIMEN & DESIGN SHANGHAI Trade Fair Matching Meeting & Design Master Summit Forum


The Development of International Brands in China - Allen Ding, Zhuo Tan, Alex Huang, Peter Qian, Eric Zhang

Significance and Value of Design - Po Chun Tu

Current and Future Trends of Sustainable Development in The Field of Design - Echo Yu, Cathy Wang, Junmeng Liu, Thomas Hao, Mac Huang, Justin Jia, Shirley Zhu

DB2B Mode How to Perfect The Construction of A Mansion Land - Botta Lai


Allen Ding, Executive President Assistant of CIMEN International Business Chain Enterprise, Commericial General Manager of Shanghai CIMEN
Zhuo Tan, Event Director of Design Shanghai, Design China Beijing and Design Shenzhen
Alex Huang, Founder, Design 99; President,Shanghai Jiuhejiu Industrial Development Group
Peter Qian, Chairman of JHOUSE
Eric Zhang, General Manager of Schüller Kitchen China
Po Chun Tu, Founder of the PRID International Design
Echo Yu, Co-Founder / Creative Director, HFS| BE DESIGN
Cathy Wang, Founder & Principal of Montaigne Design Company
Junmeng Liu, Founder of Shanghai Shanwai Shanshui Interior Space Design Firm
Thomas Hao, The Vice President of Shimao Star Hotels Group
Mac Huang, Founder, IXI DESIGN
Justin Jia, The Founder of Farnear Design
Shirley Zhu, The Founder of BE DESIGN
Botta Lai, Founder & Design Director of Scale Art Design Co. Ltd