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[Shenzhen Tequ] Designer Brand Alliance

Stand: K05
[Shenzhen Tequ] Designer Brand Alliance
As the birthplace of China's modern furniture industry, Shenzhen is also the birthplace of original furniture design. Ten years ago, young designers in Shenzhen began to try to sell furniture design drawings to manufacturers. Until today, original furniture design in Shenzhen has become an indispensable part of the domestic furniture industry chain. In recent years, over commercialized product design has helped many enterprises develop and grow, but as an original effort and influence, design has not been fully valued in China. Therefore, [Shenzhen Tequ] should be pregnant and born, which is also the need of the times. [Shenzhen Tequ] Designer Brand Alliance mainly organizes the local original designers in Shenzhen and Dawan District, including the first generation of furniture designers and new designers. It is composed of industrial product design, graphic design, interior design, furniture design, art practitioners, etc. The purpose of [Shenzhen Tequ] is to gather the strength of original designers in Dawan District, adhere to the development of local original furniture design, and hope to influence and drive the development of China's furniture industry, as well as the attention and support of the government through the strength of the group. We hope that the original brands and designers of Dawan District will contribute to the development of China's furniture industry and the beautiful home furnishing of Chinese people through the efforts and promotion of [Shenzhen Tequ].

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