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Stand: 3B11
Semi-arch focuses on the space design such as architecture, landscape, and interior design. Our design goal is to "anti-design", that is, to eliminate the subjectivity of architects and deliberateness of design, create a "draft space", and ultimately present a lively, interesting, and elastic "living building" that grows out of oneself without an architect. This is the direction we have been continuously exploring for 16 years. Anti-design is not non-design, it is an opposite of design that lacks deep understanding and thinking, and is done for the sake of design. In other words, it is a design that blindly applies the basic techniques of architecture for no reason. The space development goal of anti-design is a unique and natural growth that takes root in the place, connecting the past and the future, opposite to the board (exquisite like a model and beautiful that can be seen at a glance), or creating another possibility outside the board - a "draft space". The so-called "draft space

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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