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Stand: 3E 24
Sandriver Cashmere is a brand founded by Juliet Guo in 2012 convinced of the need for sustainable development, and dedicated to innovative cashmere products in all ranges. Using raw materials from our family-owned steppe in Inner Mongolia, we work with many craftsmen in the workshops in Shanghai and on the Tibetan plateau to create cashmere products of excellent quality.The main objective of the brand is to restore the traditional handicrafts of the nomadic culture of Inner Mongolia and Tibet, through contemporary design thus bringing about the renaissance of the skills and know-how which were on the verge of extinction.Juliet Guo went into the remote pastoral areas and visited elderly people in the steppe region. It took her 9 years to restore the craftsmanship of yurt felt and to combine it with silk to launch a unique cashmere product made entirely by hand. This is the tribute she paid to the memory of my childhood surrounded by skilled Mongolian clothing makers.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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