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Lacquer ChengYan

Stand: Neooold
Lacquer ChengYan
Lacquer ChengYan is a brand focused on the contemporary and future applications of lacquerware. We explore and develop the diversity and innovation of lacquer craftsmanship to meet the needs of modern living. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern art, we not only preserve the ancient traditions and exquisite skills of lacquerware, but also actively explore its applications in contemporary art, design, and everyday life. We are passionate about the unique charm and limitless possibilities of lacquer craftsmanship, and we carry the respect for traditional lacquer techniques and the pursuit of future innovation. We will continue to explore and pass on the beauty of lacquer craftsmanship, providing people with unique lacquer experiences and endless artistic enjoyment.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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