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Stand: M015
From classical master John Galliano to fashion godfather Alexander McQueen, from phantom dancer Gareth Pugh to deconstruction fanatic Craig Green, the design industry has produced a batch of talented designers.They are crazy, bad kids, eccentric and outspoken, but their talent makes the world crazy.When we enter the fashion temple and try to decipher the secret code of the villain, The Chinese designer Zhang, also known as a genius, has given us his answer with a series of perfumes called ARTCHI. The brand is based on the contemporary youth subculture, adhering to the spirit of "natural fragrance + creative fragrance + design aesthetics", with the role of "the villain of perfume industry, the bad child who loves art", committed to redefine the artistic fragrance with the attitude of the villain.The brand focuses on the alternative interpretation of personality, trying to break the traditional concept of fragrance industry, through the rich exploration of natural spices and the re-deconstruction of fragrance, combined with the process and design aesthetics, with the artistic fragrance device to create an alternative personality but full of conflicts ARTCHI villain sense.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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