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2024 Theme: Reinventing work experiences by design - Flexibility, Empathy, Collaboration, Innovation

For most workers across the globe, the pandemic upended the nature of work and accelerated the diversification of work styles and workplaces. The working models of the past are no longer good enough, and there’s an opportunity to rethink ways of working and rebuild the system to be better than what was done before. Our vision is to create workplaces that adapt to the needs of today's people, reinventing their experiences, and enabling and inspiring everyone to be their best.

There are many factors that influence how people feel about their workplace, whether it is the physical environment such as air, water, nutrition, light, movement, thermal comfort, acoustic environment, materials, or the spiritual environment such as mind, community, and innovation. We understand that a good workplace environment is essential to creating a great place to work.

Workers will now expect the ability to work healthily and efficiently at anytime, anywhere, and have the autonomy to match work. How to reinvent the office experience has been a question that architects, designers, workspace practitioners, and enterprises have to explore and practice. This year, Design Shanghai Workplace Design Conference will focus on the theme of "Reinventing the work Experience", emphasizing "Flexibility, Empathy, Collaboration, and Innovation", and exploring the future of office design from the perspective of design.

Flexibility not only means time and geographical options and inclusivity, but the combination of the real and the virtual also provides more choices for people. An empathetic workplace is not only a reflection of corporate culture; it is a required trait of healthy workplaces and communities that is to be sustained over time in both the culture and physical fabric of a place. Employee collaboration is much more than just a trendy phrase. It describes a work style that puts employees on track to work more diligently and efficiently to achieve a successful outcome on their assigned projects. A study conducted by Stanford University found that participants who worked collaboratively were able to stay with a task 64% longer than those who worked independently. AI, meta-universe, digitalization, and other technological innovations have not only shaped a new form for work, but also provided people with a diversified office experience.

Supported by Gold Sponsor IKEA, the Workplace Design Conference section aims to generate a four-day conference that drives the conversation about how to create a future model of flexible, empathic, collaborative, innovative, healthy, and sustainable space. Many brands and service companies will also display their latest workplace products and services in the sector.

Welcome to explore more possibilities of 'Workplace' with us to create and define new ways of working!


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