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  1. Exploring how to create an efficient, comfortable and inspiring office of the future for employees through data collection and analysis.
  2. 1. Fostering a joy-provoking workplace is crucial for sustainably boosting morale

    2. Designing a joy-provoking workplace in three dimensions to elevate morale

    3. Leveraging digital transformation to comprehensively enhance morale and support sustainable business growth

  3. What happens if you multiply Trust times true-empowerment? Empowering is encouraging the people to unleash their potential, learn and interact constructively, collaboratively.Trust is the language to ...
  4. The world is experiencing a crisis of hope, especially among young people. Some statistics.

    1. The difference between Hope and, say, optimism or wishful thinking.

    2. The science of Hope. What we are learning from neuroscience

    3. Some practical steps to design for Hope, in ourselves and others

  5. 1. Innovation-driven work environments: Examples of how workplace design can meet individual needs while promoting teamwork, inspiration and creativity. These integrated “work-live-play” amenities transform office space into an incubator for innovation.

    2. Sustainable Space Design: Focusing on sustainability, flexibility and foresight of office space, emphasizing the core position of green ecology in the future office environment.

    3. Community Shaping and Microcities: Combined with a large-scale urban renewal landmark project that has lasted for more than 30 years, the project analyzes and introduces how to build a vibrant and humanistic city within a city in the center of the city.

  6. 1. Your feelings affect your performance, and there is a positive correlation between people's satisfaction and dedication to the office environment

    2. Organizational needs and user needs complementary and are equally important

    3. Furniture applications in office environments should balance emotional needs while meeting work patterns and behavioral patterns

  7. The future-ready office is unmistakably people-centric, meticulously designed to prioritise the needs, comfort, and productivity of its occupants.

    1. Future-ready workplace design will prioritise collaboration and connection, fostering environments that encourage teamwork and foster a sense of community among employees.

    2. A key aspect of future workplace design is the integration of flexibility and adaptability. This approach ensures that spaces are not only designed to accommodate various work styles but also to evolve with the changing needs of the workforce, thereby promoting agility and productivity.

    3. Emphasising well-being and health, future workplace designs will integrate features that support physical, mental, and emotional wellness, promoting employee satisfaction and overall organisational success.

  8. 1. Design Framework of Living Design--Rediscovering Working Environment

    2. Eco-friendly, A Biophilic Design Approach

    3. Three Key Drivers of Sustainable Design

  1. 1. WELL overall update

    2. New WELL Rating system: WELL Equity Rating. How WELL Equity Rating supports organizations to build a DEI workplace? Inclusive workplace design enhances employees’ sense of belonging

    3. The importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in ESG disclosure.

  2. In this presentation, we will showcase how the WELL building standard was applied to the design of new office buildings, making health and wellness a key focal point and design target. We will present case studies of SOM-designed buildings, highlighting how WELL features and holistic wellbeing strategies were incorporated throughout the design process.

    1. Explore how SOM applies the WELL standard to the design of cutting-edge workplace environments.

    2. Provide an in-depth look at the practical implementation of WELL certification in SOM's studio spaces.

    3. Examine the evolving landscape of office design, and how new workplaces are adopting innovative practices to enhance occupant health and wellness.

  3. 1. Who Can Be Called a Youngster?

    2. What kind of office do the current Youngster in China (compared to abroad) really like?

    3. Insights for the future office?

  4. 1. The application of WELL in office space

    2. Creating integrated and supportive workspaces with wellness

    3. What did we do right to help our clients achieve WELL Gold certification?

  5. 1. Flexible and multifunctional office spaces to meet diverse business needs.

    2. A reassuring, healthy, and sustainable product range that creates a sense of belonging in office life.

    3. Professional design, cost-effective products, and personalized one-on-one services to support the growth of small and micro enterprises.

  6. FTA continues to focus on how workplaces can empower businesses. We believe that a place that stimulates corporate innovation should include the following three elements: comfort, openness, and accessibility.
  7. 1. Speech agenda & who we are

    2. Re-defining collaboration, effciency and experience through a new workplace model style

    3. What we can learn from this finding

  8. 1. Longtermism

    2. Agile Yet Sustainable

    3. A Sustainable Ecosystem

  9. At present, the spatial boundaries of human behavior and activities are constantly being breached, the entropy of the entire world is constantly increasing, and cities are becoming more like organic living bodies, exhibiting greater intensity and diversity. Office buildings have also emerged as a more significant component of the living environment, and offices are no longer merely spaces to accommodate office activities; they also provide a 24-hour human settlement experience. As a design agency specializing in human settlement projects, GOA (Group of Architects) practices design in large office headquarters, parks, and complex projects such as OōEli, Zhesheng Bank Headquarters, Greentown Headquarters scheme design, and Jiangbei Financial Center (bid proposal). GOA breaks and flips boundaries from the perspective of human settlement experience, considering technology, energy saving, and artificial intelligence from a human-centric perspective. It aims to foster more interaction between people and nature, adopting a spiral way of thinking that starts from the micro level, extends to the overall system, and then returns to the micro level, to propose better solutions for office habitats and achieve a genuine "sense of belonging" in offices.
  1. The office space already occupied by C.Y. Lee & Partners was later renovated and upgraded to apply for WELL Gold Certification; three years later it was further upgraded again to achieve a Platinum Certification while establishing the highest score for architect firms in Taiwan. The challenges encountered in the process as well as innovative methods will be presented.

    1. Challenges for existing offices

    2. Gold certification practices

    3. Platinum certification practices

  2. The kitchen is the heart of a home's happiness, yet its designs often suffer from spatial layout inefficiencies. Through deep insights into user needs and a thorough understanding of spatial design, combined with Fangtai's technological and product innovations, we can effectively resolve spatial conflicts in kitchen design, thereby granting designers the utmost freedom in layout arrangements.
  3. The main explanation focuses on the value and application of KNX IoT technology, including how to empower the healthy development of the spatial intelligence industry. The opportunities in the industr ...
  4. 1. Social Background & The Importance of ESG

    2. The Relationship Between Well & ESG

    3. Design Idea of Intelligent and Healthy Space:Residential, Office, Hotel

  5. 1. Why the low-carbon health of buildings need sensor iot technology to support;

    2. How sensor iot technology enables low-carbon health in buildings;

    3. Application cases and trends

  6. LEED v5 overview and new trend
  7. 1. The complicity of sustainability and limited information channel obstructs the understanding and participation in sustainability

    2. Promoting pulic participation in sustainability need the innovation and synergy among diversified stakeholders

    3. LEED's deep engagement in ''RISE UP! Sustainable Life Map' is a a valuable and innovative practice of international and local collaboration

  8. 1. Conventional closed-off office spaces, which traditionally prioritize a compact model, are now moving towards more open and flexible layouts, incorporating movable partitions and multi-functional zones

    2. Employees can choose from various types of workstations—quiet zones, private offices, or open-plan desks—based on their needs for focused tasks, private work, or collaboration

    3. Modular furniture and design elements allow effortless reconfiguration of the workspace to accommodate different team sizes, work styles, and future growth

  1. The combination of artificial intelligence imagination and engineering implementation.

    AI is an important auxiliary tool for breaking through interdisciplinary design limitations.

    AI intelligent technology improves the efficiency of product research and development in multiple fields such as market, design, and engineering.

  2. 1. Trends and Challenges in Cultural Tourism Industry Development

    2. Transitioning Designer Roles and Mindsets

    3. Key Elements in Building Cultural Tourism Platform Models

    4. Innovation in Cultural Tourism Business Models

  3. Luxury home design is not only about interior space design, but also an expression of lifestyle.

    1. Fully express the concept of personalized space

    2. The impact of technological development on residential design

    3. "Luxury" is a cognitive upgrade, luxury homes will not be defined

  4. 2024 We will bring the world of Vision, Design, Technique, Craftsmanship, and we will finish in the Mars to see our world from another dimension 2046



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