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Presentation Zone Schedule


*Please note the content on this page is subject to change. The organisers of Design Shanghai do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise as a result of such changes.


  1. Sub theme: Dong Cui: GRUUS innovates standards to promote the new development of system doors and windows industry Cralo Zucchia:Between the dimensions of Italian Architecture Claudio Esposito: PRESEN ...

    Dong Cui, GRUUS General Manager of China;

    Cralo Zucchia, Architect;

    Claudio Esposito, GRUUS President of Greater China

  2. What kind of product design will fit into the future market trend? How is a trend started? Which trends are suitable for the Chinese market, understandable by companies and Chinese consumers? These ar ...
    Xiaojing Huang, Strategy Director and Partner of YANG DESIGN, Chief Editor of China Design Trends Report
  3. Hitachi

    Shuhei Aoyama, Founder & Director Architect of B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio;

    Yixiao Lou,Hitachi central Air Conditioning User, Well-known Actor;

    Shuai Wang, National Champion of China Design Star, Invited Designer of Famous Transformation Variety Show;

    Mier Zhou, Home Decor Self-media person, Co-founder of Milk Studio

  4. Main Content: 1、WEDGWOOD、Royal Copenhagen、Iittala Brand history & DNA & Value 2、Design story & awards in design 3、Brand designer introduction and etc..

    Christian Bachler, Fiskars Commercial(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President, BA Vita;

    Sjoerd Leeflang, Fiskars Commercial(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Vice President, Business & Offering, English & Crystal Brands • BA Vita;

    Jacob Siboni, Fiskars Commercial(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Vice President, Business & Offering, Royal Copenhagen • BA Vita

  5. Simon

    Renyu Zhang, CEO SIMON CHINA;

    Sebastian Mealla Cincuegrani, CEO PROTOPIXEL;



    Zandra Rhodes, “Princess of Punk” , British Fashion Designer;

    Feng Cao, Founder of 20C Gallery, Art collector;

    Celine CHO, Chief- Editor& Founder of LIFENESS, Jury of DNA Design Awards

  1. gorenje

    Li Wei, Trade- Marketing General Manger of gorenje China;

    Wang Xiaohui, Interdisciplinary Artistarchitect, Ariter( Shanghai/ Munich), Founder of XIAO HUI WANG ART MUSEUM, Art Director of First Shanghai International Digital Art Fair;

    Philippe Starck, The World Famous Creator with Multifaceted Inventiveness

  2. Halil Dogan: Customization and Personalization: Highlighting the significance of tailored color and material choices to create unique and memorable experiences for guests in hospitality and lifestyle ...

    Halil Dogan, Design Director of Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG) Shanghai Studio;

    Jimmy Sun, CPO of SWS Group

  3. Yue Wen: Gen Z make up a great consumer population by 2025 and wield a global spending power, contributing super high market returns in many leading areas such as fashion, sports, games, technology, a ...

    Yue Wen, WGSN Trend Specialis;

    Zhang Yan, WGSN Trend Specialis

  4. Villeroy & Boch

    Hu Zhao, Interior Design China Publisher Chairman;

    Jianguo Liang, Beijing Newsdays Creative Director;

    Bill Yen, MRT Design Director

  1. Main Content: Shirley Dong: 1. Emotional impact created by color 2. Color in space 3. How colorful furniture can empower the space; Tony Yi: 1. Color triggers emotion 2. Colorful interiors are bloomin ...

    Shirley Dong, Founder and Principal of Studio8 Architects;

    Tony Yi, Shanghai Hansgrohe International Trade Co., Ltd. AXOR Senior Brand Manager

  2. Main Content: Wang Yunfan: With the continuous progress of technology and the constant changes in the global economy, we will witness significant transformations in various industries, human communiti ...

    Wang Yunfan, WGSN Trend Specialis;

    Lin Xinru, WGSN Trend Specialis

  3. Hong Ye, Honorary President of Interior Architecture Design Exchange Center and Honorary Director of China CIID brand management Center;

    Weijian Song, CCDA Song Weijian Studio Manager IID-ASC Honorary Vice President;

    Tianwen Sun, Shanghai Hippop-Design Founder/Chief Designer;

    Jing Yuan, CIID External Development Department Deputy Director, CIID Executive Secretary-general in Qingdao, Designer Industry Event Planner, Founder of Chuanmei Culture Platform

  4. Mengming Yao, Head of Specifications, Signify Greater China;

    Robert Wu, Vice President of International WELL Building Institute, Asia;

    Junfeng Wang, Co-founder of Dedang Design, Master of Urban Design, Harvard University, Bachelor and Master of Architecture, Zhejiang University, AIA Member, American Institute of Architects, ALNY Member, Architectural League of New York;

    Su Feng, Founder of HAOHAOZHU

  5. Michel Sels,founder of SIXINCH
  1. - Drining water faces various pollution risks, especially the microgram pollution - Three key elements for healthy drining water: water exhacnge, rate & temperature - A true healthy full-house water s ...
    Calvin Ji, Technical Director, Viega China
  2. Oslo Architecture Triennale

    Solfrid Dahl Helgesen, Deputy Consul General, Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai;

    Yang Zhang, Architect, Nordic Office of Architecture China Representative;

    Erlend Blakstad Haffner, Founding Partner in Cook Haffer Architecture Platform | Director

  3. In the VUCA era, VAVE envisions a radical nomadic lifestyle for the future. In this vision, living spaces will proliferate and grow like crystals, appearing anytime and anywhere. Subsequently, as peop ...
    Haijie Hu, Co-founder of VAVE Studio; Professor of Practice in Computational Media and Arts at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)