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Innovation Workshop Schedule


*Please note the content on this page is subject to change. The organisers of Design Shanghai do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise as a result of such changes.


  1. Topic: Design: Bridging Chinese Crafts to the World

    Speaker: Shiyi Cheng, Founder of CraftPlus

    Topic: Narrative Product Design: Integrating Traditional Crafts into Contemporary Contexts

    Speaker: Yijin Huo, Product Designer

    Topic: Spatial Translation Experiment: From Traditional Weaving to Modern Construction

    Speaker: Jialin Wang, Interior Designer

    Topic: Reinventing Traditional Materials: Connecting Local Culture to Contemporary Lifestyles

    Speaker: RESTUDIO, Product Design Studio

    Topic: The Pingcheng Era of the Northern Wei Dynasty: A Glorious Legacy of 30,000 Artisans

    Speaker: Zhi He, Founder of Costume Atelier

  2. Speakers:

    Tingwei Xu, Design Director & Partner, Be Design

    Wei Pan, General Manager, C•park

    Sien Li, Owner-Principal, MUMO

  3. Speakers:

    Ken Chen, Founder, BOLTBOLT

    Yumeng Cheng, Head of Marketing, drivepro

  4. Speakers:

    Cao Feng, Founder of 20C Gallery and Collector

    Zhang Lei, Founder and Design Director of PINWU Design Studio and RONG Design Library, Curator of RONG Design Exhibition

    Christoph John, Founder and Design Director of PINWU Design Studio and RONG Design Library

  5. 1630- 1640 How Dezeen Drives Local Design Impact on a Global Stage with a Regional Awards

    Speaker: Eva Zhao, Dezeen Awards China Manager

    1640-1645 Awarded Architecture Project Sharing - Somekh Building Renovation

    Speaker: Sanif, Co-founder, SHISUO Design

    1645-1650 Awarded Interior Project Sharing - To Summer Beijing Flagship Store

    Speaker: Yu Zheng, Founding Partner of F.O.G. Architecture

    1650- 1655 Awarded Design Project Sharing - Combo Bench and Obsidian Chair (Cotton Gauze Resin Research)

    Speaker: Yann Pu, Founder, Yann Design Studio

    1655- 1710 Panel Discussion: 

    Eva Zhao, Dezeen Awards China Manager

    Sanif, Co-founder, SHISUO Design

    Chang Shan, Co-founder, SHISUO Design

    Yu Zheng, Founding Partner, F.O.G. Architecture

    Yann Pu, Founder, Yann Design Studio

    1710- 1720 Q & A 

  6. Moderator:

    Timothée Favre, Trade Advisor-Sport & Leisure / Lifestyle, Business France China-Shanghai Office  

    Jianwei Zhao, Trade Advisor- Fashion / Lifestyle, Business France China-Shanghai Office  


    Wan Zhu, Product Manager, nobiliahouse Presents

    Daisy Dai, Sales Manager, Changluwu Trading Co., Ltd

    David Roumanie, Asia General Manager, Eurokera Guangzhou Co., Ltd

    Montiza Tornow Siu, General Manager, Lalique Asia Ltd 

    Vincent Su, Marketing Director, Roche Bobois

    Frank Shan, General Manager, LangFang Minova Trade co.,Ltd

  1. 1030-1050 Keynote Speech: The Authenticity in Life And Design

    Speaker: Kevin Yu, Founder of Kevin Thorne Jewellery (NZ), Jewelry artist

    1050-1110 Keynote Speech: Romantic Metaphors of Ceramics

    Speaker: Aisling Chen, Ceramics & Glass artist, product designer, Brand Manager of GUJI

    1110-1130 Keynote Speech: The Art and Productization of Folk Weaving Craftsmanship

    Speaker: Nan Fang, Designer, Founder of NANFANG STUDIO

    1130-1150 Keynote Speech: The Inheritance, Innovation and Brand Development of Contemporary Lacquer Art

    Speaker: Yuyan Chen, Marketing Manager, Yiqi

    1150-1210 Keynote Speech: More Than That

    Speaker: Aiyuan Hu, LIVEIN Brand Partner

    1210-1230 Keynote Speech: My Fun Experience of Making Objects with Silicone

    Speaker: Natalie Song, Founder, Natalie Song Studio

    1230-1250 Keynote Speech: The Beauty of Handmade

    Speaker: Ava Kelly, Marketing Director, J.HILL'S STANDARD

    1310-1430 Weaving Beauty/ Chinese Designers and Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship jointly Explore the "Beauty of the Future"


    Masataka Hosoo, 12th Generation Head of the Hosoo Family, Hosoo President & CEO.

    Chihiro Kondo, Manager of Multiple Intelligence Research Center, POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS Inc

    Kazue Nagakawa, Product Planning Team Designer, ORBIS Inc

    Min Chen, Designer, Founder, Chen Min Office

  2. 1430- 1550 Panel Discussion: Sustainable Design - Materials


    Yidi Chen, Founder and Creative Director of MATTTER

    Ray Zhang, Partner at RooMoo Design Studio

    Lei Bian, Founder of  Art「IF」icial Art Group

    1610- 1730 Panel Discussion: Sustainable Design - Brand


    Frank Chou, Founder of Frank Chou Design Studio

    Jacqueline Chak, Founder of EDITECHURE

  1. 1. D-Life Magazine’s Updated Release 

    Zoey Zhu, Brand Director, D-Life Magazine

    2. Mood In Design

    The current development of science and technology has greatly changed our lives, but also affected people's way of thinking and spiritual cognition, in addition to science and technology, we also pay more attention to the nourishment of emotions and minds.
    This presentation, D-life Design and Living platform, brings together several designers who focus on different fields to explore how design can create a space for life that can generate emotional and spiritual resonance. At a time when individuals increasingly need emotional value and personal expression, space also needs emotional expression, thereby transmitting energy that nourishes the mood.

    Topic: Perceive


    Lili Liu, Owner, Nanjing Lilishe Architectural Design Co.; Co-editorial Member of D-Life Magazine

    Topic: People Oriented

    Tony Han, Originator/ Design Director, Nanjing Artsea Interiro Design Co.; Invited Editorial Member of D-Life Magazine

    TopicL: Using Tea as a Medium, Explore the Mood of the Space

    Kiana Wang, Design Director, Qingdao FM impression Design Engineering Co., LTD

    Topic: Grow with the City

    Xiaodong Xu/ Yuanlin Xu, Co-founder/Design Director, Shan She Space Design Co.

    3. Contemporary Designer Brand Development Road

    Cloud Designer Club is the authoritative designer community in the domestic design industry, founded in 2015, to help designers grow and designer brand building in ten years, this time in the context of ten years of development, to share the development of designer brand thinking.


    Mic Xu, Operations Director, Cloud Designer Club

  2. Her Vision—— Art & Life Forum of Female Themes is organized by Design Shanghai and Shenzhen Decoration and Art Design Institute, and produced by Baiya- Women's Life Aesthetics Club. It aims to carry diversified thinking from the perspective of “women”, and through the expression of art, design, life and aesthetics, to show the colorful charms of the women of the times, to enlighten the continuous upgrading of women's wisdom, and to envision the spiritual freedom of the inner mind. Let's work together with “Her Vision” to dialog with outstanding women groups, approaching cutting-edge aesthetic trends and the essence of life. Let's go on a journey of self-exploration with a broad and deep vision from a gender-transcendent perspective.


    Xinyan Wang, President/ Founder, Montaigne Design

    Yani Hong, University Professor/Graduate Tutor

    Minshan Yu, Founder & CEO, CCA GROUP

    Ruofei Fang, Founder/ Chief Designer, MAXIMUM

    Panel Discussion:

    Huidan Yang, Associate Professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

    Peiqing Pan, Director, Shanghai East China Golden Rosewood Research Institute

    HaoLing Yu, Founder, Sense Home, Sichuan

    Wenqian Deng, Founder/Manager, Yue+Deco

    Suping Zhuo, Founder/Design Director, Hange Design

    Anfei Ge, Founder, Nanjing F+Design Firm

  3. Host: Oliver Li, Architecture Knowledge Blogger, Famous Architecture Critic, KOL, Li Lexian Culture Media


    Yichen Lu, Principal and Founder, Studio Link-Arc

    Limin Jiang, Chief Architect, Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd

    Tao Jia, Leading Architect, Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co.,Ltd

    Ruoyun Xu, Founding Partner, Principal Architect, DoDesign Architecture

    Ming Du, Associate Director of Digital Center, Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co.,Ltd

    Ran Wei, Senior Partner, UN-GROUP

  1. As urbanization continues to progress, modern cities are facing a series of complex challenges. The rapid growth of urban populations and the strain on public resources are profoundly affecting the living quality for residents and the sustainable development of the cities. Under such circumstances, the construction of communities and neighborhoods has become a key factor in addressing these issues.

    Community establishment, as a bottom-up approach to urban governance, involves not only the transformation of physical spaces but also the reconstruction of social relationships. By encouraging residents to actively participate in community affairs, a sense of belonging and mutual assistantship can be strengthened, thereby enhancing the communal vitality and resilience. Community building practices encompass both neighborhood renovations and public space designs at micro levels, as well as urban planning and policy-making though the lens of mega-trends.

    In the early developing stages of urban planning, theories including "New Urbanism" provided guiding principles for establishing and operating communities. These theories emphasize the creation of human-centric public spaces, the enhancement of and optimization for pedestrian and cyclists, and mixed-use functions to improve the sustainability and livability of communities. Nowadays, concepts like smart cities introduce the integration of technology and ecology, using data-driven decision-making process and eco-friendly design to enhance urban adaptability and innovation capacity. Architects, landscape designers, and urban planners use their professional knowledge and creativity to provide communities with functional and aesthetically pleasing environments, while community operators stimulate residents' enthusiasm for participation through diverse activities and services, promoting social cohesion.

    This thematic forum "Scales and Community Building" is inviting professionals from the fields of architecture, landscape, planning, and operations to share their experiences in community building practices. Through discussions and exchanges of ideas on multiple scales, it is hoped to furtherly explore possible solutions, pushing forward the urban sustainable developments and  the prosperity of communities. 

    Andy Lantz, Co-CEO, Creative Director & Partner

    Leo Cheung, Lead and Senior Associate of Heatherwick Studio

    Haicheng Tian, CBO of Aranya, Executive Brand Officer of Jindali System Integration, Vice President and Academic Director of Urban Renewal and Cultural Tourism Working Committee (ACSC)

    Peter Chang, Director of MVRDV Shanghai

    Gang Yu, Founder and Chief Architect of QingMo Architectural Design

    Sichen Xie, Project Manager of Canal Vanke Center, Founder of C-WORKs Design Platform

    Zhongwei Li, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Creative Director of Lab D+H

    Yi Xu, Dongpeng Innovation Laboratory (DP LAB) Operation Manager

    Moderator:Sherry Li, Editor-in-Chief, CEO & Founder 

    Panel Discussion: 

    Yansheng Yang, China Rural Revitalization Institute, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Deputy Secretary-General of the National College Students Rural Revitalization Creative Competition

    Tianxin Xu, Co-founder and lead architect of Office Canopy of Architecture

    Chenxi Zhong, Co-founder of RAUM

    Nan Xiang, Founder and lead architect of Xiang Architects