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CMF Conference Theme


2024 Theme: CMF Aesthetics: A Life Brimming with Passion

As consumers increasingly embrace their true selves and individualized values, their craving for unique colors continues to grow. In parallel, their growing environmental awareness has sparked intense interest in sustainable, eco-friendly materials. The resurgence of designs steeped in cultural heritage is not only instilling a profound sense of belonging and joy in consumers but also reviving traditional craftsmanship with a fresh breath of life… How can we seamlessly integrate modern CMF design aesthetics into product, interior, and architectural designs with unexpected delights?

How can the sustainability philosophy be woven into traditional CMF designs, striking a balance between value and functionality? And in this fast-paced era of technological advancements witnessing a constant influx of new materials and techniques, how can CMF design aesthetics evolve to innovate and upgrade products?

At the upcoming CMF Conference, global CMF industry specialists, revered masters in product, interior, and architectural designs, and emerging designers will converge to share forefront trends. By delving into the enigmatic world of Eastern and Western CMF design aesthetics across interior, architectural, and industrial designs, participants are set to celebrate a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.



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