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CMF Conference Speaker List


  • Emily Shi

    Emily Shi

    Business Development Manager Color & Aesthetics, Global Color & Design (CMF), Business Entity Engineering Plastics, Covestro
  • Eri Omae

    Eri Omae

    Chief Editor, Creative Director, DIC Color Design, Inc. Founder, Asian Fashion Color Union
  • Hongyu Guo

    Hongyu Guo

    Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Guangzhou University
  • Jianguo Liang

    Jianguo Liang

    Internationally renowned designer Founder, Manufacturing-China Executive Director, the Art Display & Decoration Committee of China (ADCC)
  • Michael Lam

    Michael Lam

    Founder and Creative Director, DPD Progressive Design Contemporary Art Emerging Collectors
  • Xiang Li

    Xiang Li

    Founder and chief designer of X+Living