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"Rong" means melting and fusion. The "Rong Design Library" is dedicated to deconstructing traditional crafts into materials and techniques, actively exploring the future of tradition. "Casting" is the research topic of the ninth edition of "Rong Design Exhibition," following the themes of bamboo, silk, clay, copper, paper, mortise and tenon joints, coloring, and weaving.

"铸造" is translated as "casting," which refers to a molding process where softened material is injected into a mold, allowing it to solidify and take shape, the solidified result is called a "casting." Based on the deconstruction research of "casting," the "Rong·Casting" exhibition will invite 46 designers and artists from different fields to create, facilitating a profound collision between casting craftsmanship and contemporary design.

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2024 "Rong·Casting" Exhibition


Participating Designers & Artists

Furniture & Products

  • Jiaxin Bu
  • Furong Chen
  • Xingyu Chen
  • Darui Chen
  • Qiyun Deng
  • Jianye Li
  • Xiao Liu
  • Yatu Tan, Gang Xu
  • Zhongyu Zhang
  • Hongchao Wang
  • Zihan Zhao
  • Yi Zheng
  • Huizhen Huang, Weikun Tang
  • Keren Wang, Zhekai Zhang
  • Chengyu Li, Yunxiao Wang
  • Mugi Yamamoto


  • Kunkun Chen, Xiuqing Lin
  • Yannan Fang
  • Chong Shi
  • Yunhan Wang
  • Yanhui Xu
  • Fan Zhang
  • Xiaochuan Zhang

Space & Architecture

  • Zhenqi Bai
  • Jie Du
  • Guoliao Chao
  • Yichen Lu
  • Bin Wu


  • Zhangliang Hong
  • Guimei Jiang
  • Pan Long
  • Yue Sun
  • Qi Wang
  • Qin Wang
  • Xiang Zhu
  • Ning Zhang, Yafei Yang
  • Daishi Luo, Zhipeng Tan

Food Design

  • Fang Hu
  • Yuan Yuan

Designer Advisory Board

Dan Cao
Senior Art Media Figure, Curator, Documentary Director
Currently President of Modern Communication Group's Cultural and Art Platform
Also Publisher of "Art News/Chinese Edition" and "Art World"

Minjuan Chen
Former Editor-in-Chief of "IDEAT" Magazine, Senior Media Figure and Founder of Siting Culture

Chun Dai
Founder of LeTalwork Forum
Academic Host of Archiepos Studio
Operating Director and Responsible Editor of "Times Architecture" Magazine

Dandan Li
Director of Mingzhu Art Museum

Jiacheng Guo
Editor-in-Chief of "Wallpaper Portfolio"

Tingting Li
Professor at China Academy of Art

Zhuo Tan
Show Director of Design Shanghai

Yishu Xu
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Independent Design Magazine "Into"

Mi Yan
Editor-in-Chief of "Home Porch ELLEDECORATION"

Wen Yang
CEO of WWD International Fashion Special News China

Jing Zuo
Curator, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Independent Magazines "Bishan" and "Baigong"

2023 Highlights

Róng is a process of creating contemporary design language, deconstructing traditional handicrafts and reintegrate them into design. Róng Design Exhibition, five years for a cycle. Set up different topics for each year. The first five-year, five Chinese traditional materials, as bamboo, silk, mud, copper and paper. The second five-year, five Chinese crafts, as joints, coloring, weaving, calsting and so on. It has spent one year on the deconstruction of weaving in Chinese traditional handicrafts, inviting 28 designers to create works for two years, bringing traditional weaving into the future.



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