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International Exhibition for Outstanding Design


“GORGEOUS JEWELLERY 1.0 ”, leveraging on the international academic appeal of ‘TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewellery Biennial’ for 11 years, curated by Prof. SUN Jie, co-organized by the Fashion and Design Innovation Center (FINE Center) of Tongji University, China Industrial Design Institute (CIDI), and JCC International Contemporary Jewellery Art Centre. This exhibition seeks to create the unique international exhibition platform for the world's outstanding and pioneering young artists and designers who are full of talent and radiance and who are possessed of sentiments and superb handcrafts to display their creativity and imagination within the scope of Asia. It is expected to feature more than 80 young designers (including a selection from more than 90 colleges around the world) and hundreds of design masterpieces, which will be formally presented to the public at “Design Shanghai 2024” (3F65), a feast of contemporary jewellery and a platform for the collection and exchange of global masterpieces.