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KOHLER · Design Shanghai Design Forum Schedule


*Please note the content on this page is subject to change. The organisers of Design Shanghai do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise as a result of such changes.

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  1. Already a major contributor to Shanghai's urban landscape, Thomas develops his globally reputation as a renowned and provocative designer of iconic Buildings and products to launch the Chinese edition ...
  2. Originally a lighting designer, Paul Cocksedge's creativity has expanded into public art, sculpture and architectural installation. Science is an ever-present anchor for the works, and a forensic inve ...
  3. A passionate advocate of China’s culturally distinctive hospitality design, Yang Bangsheng detects the uniqueness of oriental aesthetics and integrates history, culture and art into the space.
  4. At Audi, design embodies a movement that reshapes our future way of living.

    "Vorsprung durch Technik“ in design defines our unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence to create a better future together.

    In line with our vision that good design is understood all over the world and works universally, Audi's design language transcends boundaries and directly appeals to human emotions.

    Highlighting our latest fully electric model, the Audi Q6L e-tron, and our immersive "Language of Light" installation, we demonstrate how design has the power to speak in ways that words cannot.

    1. Audi Vorsprung in design - Audi’s vision of creating a better future.

    2. Audi design philosophy & design language

    3. Communicating with the language of light – the Audi Q6L e-tron as an example

  5. The deeper impact is on our understanding of health and wellbeing, our ability to apply it to the design of our interiors, products, buildings, and environment – but, most importantly – to apply it to ...
  6. The industrial abstract artist and architecture-inclined fashion designer, has dedicated his life, to inquiring into the artisan-driven, industrial beautification of precious garments, objects and physical spaces.

  7. At last, this lyrical and insightful designer comes in person to Design Shanghai. Nada's Middle Eastern origins, combined with her Japanese upbringing and commitment tocraft, deliver a unique version ...
  8. Mathew, senior partner of this world-renowned hospitality design practice, brings a new emotional power in creating signature looks for today's luxury hotel, resort, spa, casinos and restaurant brands ...
  9. 1. WGSN’s STEPIC forecasts analyse the forces that are influencing society, technology, the environment, politics, industry and creativity

    2. From the dawn of the polycrisis era to the rise of synthetic creativity, forecast the four consumer profiles and discover the sentiments that will drive purchases and brand loyalty in 2025

    3. A new emphasis on time – how we spend it, how we defy it, and how we design for consumer

  1. Continuing our 'sub-theme' of human emotion, the co-principal of one of Asia's most influential consultancies describes how the work goes beyond providing solutions to design emotional journeys, takin ...
  2. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the average German owns around 10,000 things, while an average household in Germany 100 years ago had around 180 items.

    Far too often today we consume products without sense or reason, without questioning their meaning and usefulness.

    Fast Food, Fast Fashion and Fast Design are opposed to traditional craftsmanship and its manufacturers. 

    We must change our behavior and recognize our responsibility as designers and producers as well as consumers.

  3. Christina chairs a panel of previous Dezeen Awards China winners to pin down the changing nature of Chinese design and how it is recognised at home and abroad
  4. Paul will talk about his extensive experience in China and share his work on some of the largest and most exciting projects in the region.
  5. Our studio is defined by the motto of "Honest Design". The Karimoku Case brand, launched in 2019 with Karimoku Furniture in Japan, continues to work with Copenhagen-based Norm Architects to create furniture for case studies for architecture and interior space. I would like to talk about the branding of Karimoku Case, which combines the essence of Japan and Scandinavia, as well as share insights into the collaboration with Norm Architects.

    1. About "Honest Design"

    2. Branding of Karimoku Case

    3. Process and insight of collaboration within Karimoku Case

  6. It’s in our DNA to invent, to innovate to look for the new. 

    How do we build innovative progressive design that can create positive growth whilst being mindful of the planet's needs?

  7. 1. The Intersection of Sustainable Development and Business Economics

    2. Urban Openness and Urban Vitality

    3. Old City Renovation and the Preservation of Urban Identity (Cultural Context)

  8. A panel discussion on the issues raised in Thomas' book with Mo Zheng of Antistatics Architecture, Albert Chan Kain Bon, Director of Planning and Development, Group Chief Sustainability Officer of SHU ...
  9. Annie Sloan is one of the world’s leading authorities in decorative paint effects, colour and style. Inventor of the revolutionary Chalk Paint, Annie has devoted her life to making the world a more co ...
  1. Design and architecture not only reflect on the past and present but also dream the future into being. The love for life and beauty is a universal human theme. Through physical journeys and spiritual explorations, drawing from memories steeped in tradition and culture, and tapping into the collective unconscious, Cross Vision weaves Eastern and Western influences into a universal design language. These deep cultural structures and patterns, echoing with a feeling of déjà vu, provide humanity with profound insights into life and aspirations for the future.

    Main Points: 

    1. Eastern Memories: Responding to the Future

    2. Cross Vision: Shaping a Universal Design Language

    3. Eastern Sensations: The Body as a Vessel of Memory

  2. A series of presentations this morning cover the language of design and craft, how universal that must be and how we accommodate deep historical trradition with modernity. Chen Min's NEOOOLD project is a key element in this process in China
  3. The language of design evolves; every convention – whether about artistic legacy, beauty or plain purpose – needs to be challenged, says Aldo. Defying perceptions about the relationship between object and human, his ‘objects fatales’ undermine fixed notions about the object as a commodity. As ‘creatures’, they invite us to engage in a conversation about their behaviour, their uncertainties, their beliefs, their native tongue.
  4. 1. History of Nishijin Textiles and HOSOO

    2. Challenges and Innovation 

    3. The Future Possibility of Craft 

  5. Rong Design Library is dedicated to deconstructing traditional crafts into materials and techniques, actively exploring the future of tradition. In his feature on casting at Design Shanghai, Lei follo ...
  6. 1. Inheritance of cultural essence

    2. Optimization of physical performance

    3. Giving practical value

  7. To put it simply, these two ideas are "European thought and Asian thought," but they can also be referred to as "Christian thought and primordial thought," or "God thought and life thought." You can also do it. Currently, European thought, which has been dominant in this world, is beginning to shift dramatically to Asian thought. It is a worldview that can be called "wild thought".

    1. Geography | The geography of the Afro-Eurasian continent gives rise to two ideas. Fusion (whole) and isolation (group)

    2. Propagation | Many translated words were created during modernization in the late 19th century. That concept changed Asia.

    3. Environment | Fusion (whole) and isolation (group) seen in architecture (pillars), tools (planes), costumes (kimonos), and posture (seating).

  8. Star-studded panel: The foregoing speakers in today's programme share their ideas, problems and solutions. Rarely does such a powerful collection of creative minds come together. Nost to be missed Mod ...
  9. This talk explores how the meaning of design language lies in its use, drawing on Wittgenstein's concept of language games. We'll examine how social space design requires understanding and applying different design rules based on unique contexts, rather than seeking a one-size-fits-all solution.

  1. During China’s rapid urbanization process, oftentimes characterized by replacing entire old neighborhood with massive new development, many contemporary buildings choose to showcase individuality instead of responding to urban environment because of the lack of urban context. This contributes to the disorder and sometimes rather chaotic overall urban image. As Chinese cities start to shift into the age of urban renewal and optimizing existing building assets, architects are presented with opportunities to reconnect buildings with urban environment through more open and context sensitive design strategies, thereby enhancing more coherent urban identity and promoting new urban lifestyles. 
  2. 1. Designers as Brokers of Change and Identity Architects

    2. Creating User-Centric and Engaging Spaces

    3. Adapting to Complexity and Hybrid Spaces

  3. Our design has always regarded nature as a design inspiration, seeking elegant and innovative solutions in urban design, architecture, and art installations. The infiltration of natural biomimetic con ...
  4. It is always quite important to find or creative “differences” for our studio. I would like to talk about our design approach with some of our works and explore what can make “differences” in terms of the design in this global world. 

  5. No one is better qualified to explore and assess the state of Sustainability in Chinese culture than Junjie Li. Academic, researcher and architect, he has devoted his life to promoting Green Design Ac ...
  6. Fresh from the stimulation and provocation of the 3-day Sustainable Design China Summit, our esteemed colleague Orianna sets out an achievable course for the futre of design - and of us all.
  7. The message of renowned materials experet Chris' 'Materials First' feature in the Design Shanghai exhibition is just that - it all starts with materials.How to bring the seamless combination of cuttin ...
  8. Which comes first? The option and opportunity to change, or the desire to make a difference? How many of us talk Sustainability but don't live it? Our expertr panel of the previous speakers tackle the ...