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Hall 3 Exhibitor List


Hall 3: Living & Lifestyle

Home for Interiors & Accessories

Design Shanghai's Hall 3 has emerged as the premier destination for the homewares, interiors, and accessories industry in China. This elegantly curated space is dedicated to living and lifestyle, bringing together top domestic and international brands, craftsmen, and artists. From soft furnishings to fragrances, accessories to textiles, and tableware to high-quality design products spanning categories like carpets, wallpapers, paints, and artworks, Hall 3 offers a comprehensive showcase of innovative designs.

Following its remarkable popularity in 2023, the 2024 exhibition hall has undergone expansion and enhancement, attracting numerous brands eager to unveil their latest collections in Shanghai. Notable highlights include the Japanese Pavilion, Innovation Workshop, Neooold, and essential functional areas like the Outdoor Garden, Design Cafe, and Hosted Buyer Lounge.

In addition to these exciting features, Hall 3 will debut the Retailers Lounge for the first time. This meticulously designed space is set to become a hub for over 100 retailers from across the country. Beyond serving as a place for relaxation and socialization, the Retailers Lounge provides an ideal setting for brands to engage in face-to-face discussions with retailers, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.



Hall 3: Experience the Extraordinary Skills and Craftsmanship

Design Shanghai Hall 3 (Living & Lifestyle) brings together the exquisite craftsmanship of renowned designers, artists, and artisans from around the world. Here, you can discover a diverse array of unique handmade crafts and design works, ranging from exquisite furniture to beautiful decorations, each piece reflecting the creativity of designers and the dedication of craftsmen. Whether it's the preservation of traditional crafts or the innovation of modern design, this pavilion offers visitors a comprehensive artistic and cultural experience. Hall 3 not only showcases a wide variety of handmade items but also provides a space for exchange and appreciation, making it an ideal place to understand and experience contemporary global design and craftsmanship.

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2024 Hall 3 Exhibitors