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Digital Architecture Under The New Nature

Our design has always regarded nature as a design inspiration, seeking elegant and innovative solutions in urban design, architecture, and art installations. The infiltration of natural biomimetic concepts and systems are within our design process, and we are constantly searching for optimal choices in architectural form and organizational logic from natural ecology, and the balance between art and technology in architectural design. 1) Therefore, we propose the concept of "new nature": the historical period in which humans are deeply impacting the natural world, so since natural nature is no longer a thing, we need to learn how to steer unnatural natural systems, which means that our architecture and environmental design can simulate the natural system and natural operation mode, and become more flexible, reproducible, reconfigurable and renewable. 2) How to learn from nature and use a modular cellular construction pattern, like the DNA chain in nature, there are four different kinds of instruction molecules, which form a complex structure through different arrangement and combination. Our buildings and complex structures can also take advantage of this principle and use modular and cellular construction to form a rich system. 3) Nature makes smarter geometry; how can we use less material to make more? Consider material behavior and strength, computational tools will help us to optimized to its specific form and material constraints, which is more sustainable, formally responsive, and flexible. Summary: "New Nature - Architecture Grows in the world of Synergy ." We no longer pursue the conquest of nature by humans, but the symbiosis between humans and nature. How our buildings, neighborhoods, and cities operate like natural systems, and how we think like nature to find the best solution is a goal we hope to achieve, rather than looking like nature. Our urban design system, as well as the specific construction materials and structures, all have a certain natural logic concept. At the same time, through the generation of computer artificial intelligence, it helps us achieve more intelligent forms and more scientific and technologically feasible construction methods.
Mo Zheng, Founder and Chief Architect, AntiStatics; Lecturer, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania



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