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Design Shanghai 2024 Forum Schedule



Déjà Vu at the Heart of Culture


Design and architecture not only reflect on the past and present but also dream the future into being. The love for life and beauty is a universal human theme. Through physical journeys and spiritual explorations, drawing from memories steeped in tradition and culture, and tapping into the collective unconscious, Cross Vision weaves Eastern and Western influences into a universal design language. These deep cultural structures and patterns, echoing with a feeling of déjà vu, provide humanity with profound insights into life and aspirations for the future.

Main Points: 

1. Eastern Memories: Responding to the Future

2. Cross Vision: Shaping a Universal Design Language

3. Eastern Sensations: The Body as a Vessel of Memory

Bin Wu, Founder and Design Director, W.DESIGN



Design Shanghai 2024 is Coming!

Join us from 19-22 June at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre. Don't miss out on Asia's leading international design event!


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