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There are Two Different Ideas in the World


To put it simply, these two ideas are "European thought and Asian thought," but they can also be referred to as "Christian thought and primordial thought," or "God thought and life thought." You can also do it. Currently, European thought, which has been dominant in this world, is beginning to shift dramatically to Asian thought. It is a worldview that can be called "wild thought".

1. Geography | The geography of the Afro-Eurasian continent gives rise to two ideas. Fusion (whole) and isolation (group)

2. Propagation | Many translated words were created during modernization in the late 19th century. That concept changed Asia.

3. Environment | Fusion (whole) and isolation (group) seen in architecture (pillars), tools (planes), costumes (kimonos), and posture (seating).

Masayuki Kurokawa, Chairman of K-SYSTEM and president of the Japanese Butsugaku Reserch Institute, vice chairman of Japan Inter-Design Forum



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