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Design Shanghai 2023 Presentation Zone Schedule



WGSN Global Design Trend Workshop


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Wang Yunfan: With the continuous progress of technology and the constant changes in the global economy, we will witness significant transformations in various industries, human communities, and the global economy. Therefore, by 2025, we expect consumers to place greater emphasis on personalized experiences, sustainability, digitization, and social interaction. WGSN 2025 Future Consumer assist brands and products in accurately targeting consumer shopping aesthetics and emerging lifestyles, enabling them to develop key strategies that cater to market trends in advance

Lin Xinru: 1. The WGSN trend matrix 2024. 2. The lifestyle of future consumer. 3. Three different interiors trend.

Wang Yunfan, WGSN Trend Specialis;

Lin Xinru, WGSN Trend Specialis



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