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Design Shanghai 2023 Presentation Zone Schedule



WGSN Global Design Trend Workshop


Yue Wen: Gen Z make up a great consumer population by 2025 and wield a global spending power, contributing super high market returns in many leading areas such as fashion, sports, games, technology, and luxury goods. Want to know how to connect with young consumers? Explore the lifestyle, the priorities driving their behaviour and spending habits, and learn how your brand can reach them effectively. 1.Trend Matrix 2025 2.GenZ Consumer Profiles 3.GenZ Lifestyle and Priorities;

Zhang Yan: This season's colours reflect a period of realignment, when consumers will be adjusting to rapid shifts in society and technology. Uncertainty will remain a dominant force due to ongoing economic, political and environmental crises, but consumers will be seeking ways to balance their uneasiness with optimism. Our S/S 24 Global Colour Forecast aligns with WGSN's macro trends, which are informed by our STEPIC framework, analysing trends in society, technology, the environment, politics, industry and creativity.

Yue Wen, WGSN Trend Specialis;

Zhang Yan, WGSN Trend Specialis