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Design Shanghai 2023 Presentation Zone Schedule



JUNG: Colours & Materials for Creative Lifestyle


Halil Dogan: Customization and Personalization: Highlighting the significance of tailored color and material choices to create unique and memorable experiences for guests in hospitality and lifestyle settings;

Jimmy Sun: The impact of the post pandemic era on interior design and new trends in the future have become a concern for the public. In future home design, "psychology" and "physiology" are equally important. We should create a comfortable living environment that is "livable" and "humanistic", pay attention to the spiritual needs of residents, and strive for a win-win situation between cultural inheritance and modern healthy living environment.

1. 'Home' is no longer just a comfortable living space, but also needs to adapt to the lifestyle of the epidemic era. It is a 'spiritual residence' that can carry personal preferences;

2. In the face of the ongoing "home reform" and the change of owners' needs, SWS designers, as "space explorers" lurking in the crowd, constantly challenge and try to weave the blueprint of the contemporary ideal residential space concept;

3. How to integrate the application of smart home systems into the situational interaction of home scenarios, presenting emotional residences.

Halil Dogan, Design Director of Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG) Shanghai Studio;

Jimmy Sun, CPO of SWS Group