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《2023-2024 China Design Trends Report》

What kind of product design will fit into the future market trend? How is a trend started? Which trends are suitable for the Chinese market, understandable by companies and Chinese consumers? These are the topics that the global design industry constantly cares about, and also the research purpose of "China Design Trends Report by YANG DESIGN". As the forward-thinking industrial design consultancy in China, YANG DESIGN has released the "China Design Trend Report" for the ninth year. For 2023-2024, YANG DESIGN puts forward four stories about our future in the Chinese market. They are also four lifestyle proposals for the future in uncertain times: "Digital Existentialism", “Poetry in Vicinity Lab”, "Emotional Performance", and "It Bonding".
Xiaojing Huang, Strategy Director and Partner of YANG DESIGN, Chief Editor of China Design Trends Report