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Design Shanghai 2023 Innovation Workshop Schedule



róng design library;róng-weaving design exhibition design forum

róng-weaving design exhibition was curated by róng design library. Based on the deconstruction research of weaving in Chinese traditional handicrafts by róng design library, inviting 27 designers from different fields to create for two years. The forum invited 5 designers and artists to share their creations, and also the co-curator of exhibition, Jingyi LU, would share the research on weaving.

Jingyi Lu, Design Partner of PINWU Design Studio, Research Director of róng design library;

Yanhui Xu, Futureland Studio, Knitting Designer and Artist;

Yatu Tan, Brand Manager and project designer of Nongzao, Co-Curator of Sustainable Deisgn (Material) Museum;

Zihan Zhao, Artist,UNCOGGETTO;

Caroline Cheng, The Pottery Workshop;

Xian He, Product Designer, Founder of Studio Monana;