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Design Shanghai 2023 Innovation Workshop Schedule



róng design library:róng-casting research forum

róng, is a process of creating contemporary design language to deconstruct traditional handicrafts and melt into design. róng design exhibition, five years as a cycle. The first five-year, five matertials, bamboo, silk, mud, copper, paper. The sevonde five-year, five different kinds of handicrafts, sunmao, coloring, weaving, casting... This forum will release the research contents of the ninth topic of róng design exhibition - Casting. Jingyi LU, the research director of róng design library, will share the research archivements of casting system with the other five craftsmen, professors and designers from different fields of casting.

Lei Zhang, Founder of PINWU Design Studio and róng design library, Curator of róng design exhibition;

Jingyi Lu, Design Partner of PINWU Design Studio, Research Director of róng design library;

Xiyue Li, Sculpture Artist, Creator, Casting Professor and Craft Inheritor;

Qin Wang, Associate Professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts;

Tian Lu, Dean of the Institute of Thin Porcelain Art in Jingdezhen City General, Manager of Jiande Porcelain Factory in Jingdezhen City;

Jie Du, Founder of SUZAO Architects