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Design Shanghai 2023 Innovation Workshop Schedule



La Cantouch: The fusion of Art, Design and Lifestyle

LaCantouch was founded in 1989 by Jeff Lee fromTaiwan, main business covers wallpaper, home textile fabrics, pillow, bedding, extend to carpet, lighting, customized furniture and other decorative products. When working with european high-end fabric brand, LaCantouch also has a highly integrated supply chain through Europe and Asia. LaCantouch has a professional team in product design; sourcing; and service support. to build a competitive oriental home textile brand. aiming to serve designers from every corner of the world. To fufill your dream for home with professional.
Xiaohui Wang, Artist, Founder of XIAO HUI WANG ART MUSEUM, Art Director of First Shanghai International Digital Art Fair; Jinfu Shen, HOWONE MAX STUDIO, Owner and Founder & Chief Designer, UP WUHAN UP WORLD Public project Sponsor; Eason Li, La CanTouch, Managing Director