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Design Shanghai 2023 Innovation Workshop Schedule



Hong Kong Design Centre DFA Awards:Design is……Spatial Aesthetics

Creativity and innovation have proven to be a remedy for improving our quality of life. The DFA Awards recognises designers and projects that meaningfully address critical issues from different aspects of our lives. These winning designs can inspire communities, unite people from all walks of life through a singular voice, and contribute to the betterment of society in Asia and beyond. Every year, the DFA Awards organises a series of events in different Asian cities to outreach the design thinking and also arouse the Awards winner exposure. This year, we will have the online design dialogues in different languages featuring winners from different regions.

Sam Fu, Community Designer;

Arnold Wong, Co-founder, ARTA ARCHITECTS LIMITED;

Cynthia Leung, Architectural Designer;

Edmond Wong, Edmond Wong Studio, Director;

Steve Leung, Founder, Steve Leung Design Group Ltd.