Rabih Hage is an award-winning RIBA chartered architect and designer with offices in London and New York. His multi-talented team of architects, interior designers, planning consultants, financial analysts and curators delivers a wide range of private and commercial projects, offering a seamless client experience from start to finish.


The Studio's definition of good architecture is the skill of intelligently and creatively using existing structures; enhancing and transforming them to fit new functionalities and ways of living. This is quiet architecture; architecture that will preserve the environment, increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and minimise unnecessary impact on the urban fabric and our planet.


Blending poetry with pragmatism, Rabih Hage Studio has an established record of enhancing investments beyond initial forecasts while at the same time winning design industry awards and plaudits in the press.


'His work has a quiet, powerful edge, balancing modern living with old world elegance.' New York Magazine